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Woodworking Plans

Looking for great plans for that special project? We have many interesting ideas for furniture, kids projects, outdoor and garden, every room of your house or work shop. See our articles and how-to's with free step-by-step instructions.


Barrow Industries, which also distributes Merrimac Fabrics, has created an amazing website that allows visitors to view their extensive collection of upholstery fabrics on-line with excellent detail and color clarity. The Barrow Industries website will allow you to search for fabrics by color, pattern style or fabric type at your leisure in the comfort of your home. We are delighted to introduce you to the convenience of in-home fabric shopping via a link to the Barrow Industries website on this page and we look forward to helping you obtain beautiful and durable fabrics for your decorating needs at discounted prices.

The Barrow Industries website is available to you as a tool in selecting fabrics for your own furniture reupholstery projects. If you find a fabric that works for you, write down the pattern number and any other information about the fabric that is provided. You may also wish to print out a picture of the fabric. With this information you can pay a visit to your local upholsterer and ask if she can provide you with that fabric pattern for your reupholstery project. If not, you may contact Upholstery by Caroline via E-Mail or telephone and we'll be please to order the fabric for you. Be sure to discuss with your upholsterer about your plans to obtain your own fabric to be certain that she is willing to complete your upholstery project with a fabric which she does not provide. Some Upholsterers do, and some don't....its always best to ask first! Your upholsterer may also be able to help you determine how many yards of the fabric she will need to complete your project. You may also check out our "Fabric Requirement Chart" below to see is you can find your furniture style.

Click HERE to go to Barrow Industries Fabrics

NOTE: The Barrow Industries website contains fabric patterns from Barrow Industries including the extensive "Woven Essentials" line of fabrics that are available in cut yardages. The Barrow Industries website also includes fabric patterns from Merrimac Fabrics which is a division of Barrow Industries. Merrimac fabrics are identified by the letter "M" at the beginning of the pattern number (ie: M7312). these fabric patterns are available only in half bolt (25-35 yards) or full bolt (50-70 yards) quantities. If you are in need of cut yardages, we advise you to avoid Merrimac fabric patterns. All patterns that do not begin with an "M" are available in cut yardage quantities.

Charlotte Fabrics

Charlotte Fabrics is the newest addition to our on-line fabric shopping page. They carry a wide variety of fine upholstery fabrics that are suitable for use in your home or office location and offer the best pricing gaurantee on all of their fabric patterns. Charlotte Fabrics has done a very nice job of organizing their fabric patterns on their website to make it very easy for you to find just the right fabric pattern for your upholstery project.

Click HERE to go to Charlotte Fabrics