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Upholstery by Caroline

UPHOLSTERY BY CAROLINE was established as a full-time furniture reupholstery service in 1988. Our shop was located in South Minneapolis, Minnesota. At that time, we recognized the need for a reupholstery service that would offer quality workmanship and service at an affordable price. We dedicated ourselves to that objective and have since enjoyed watching our business and customer base grow beyond our expectations.

We owe a great deal of THANKS to our clients for this success and our ability to maintain a competitive edge. Many of our satisfied clients have referred their friends and business colleagues to us and have returned to us with additional reupholstery needs. These "word-of-mouth" referrals and repeat business indicate, to us, that our clients trust us. We are very pleased to have earned their trust and remain dedicated to maintaining our quality workmanship and service standards to maintain their confidence. Our clients referrals and repeat business have helped us avoid the high cost of very expensive advertising and we will continue to pass this savings on to our clients in return for their trust and kindness.

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In 1992, we adopted this slogan which we now use on all of our business stationary. It is a symbol and daily reminder of our committment to our clients. What is a friend, after-all? We believe a friend is someone you can trust and depend upon. A friend is concerned about your well-being, strives to earn your respect, gains a sense of satisfaction by inspiring your pleasure and enjoys being helpful to you. We keep our slogan in our hearts and minds as we operate our business and serve our customers. By treating our clients, first as a friend, we are able to obtain a greater level of satisfaction from the work we perform and have gained a reputation which we can truly be proud of. As a small business, our ability to gain the trust and friendship of our clients is an important measure of our success. As the value of the "almighty dollar" continues to decline year after year, the friendships we have developed become even more precious to us!

In 1994, Upholstery by Caroline left the luster of the big city in favor of the appeal of small town life. At that time, we moved our family and relocated our business to Hastings, MN. Hastings is located about 35 miles Southeast of Minneapolis. Our shop and home are actually located 3 miles south of the Hastings City limits in Marshan Township. After nearly two years of searching for our new place, we located a twenty acre hobby farm that included a house, barn and a 1200 square foot building which we converted to our shop.

Many of our friends thought we were crazy to leave an established business in the cities (our business is our only source of income) and try to start over in a different location. I quess I have to admit, it was a bit of a scary proposition. However, with the help of a publicity article and a few ads in the Hastings newspaper, we soon made lots of new friends and our business prospered. We are still close enough to the cities that we are still able to service all of our commercial and residential clients from the cities when they call for our services but our efforts are concentrated on building our new client base closer to home.

Part of the appeal to our new location is the hobby farm setting. Caroline enjoys time spent with her horse and Joe keeps busy raising a few pigs, and about 50 chickens each year. We grow all of our own meat and feel that we eat healthier foods which are free of hormones and antibiotics. We also grow our own hay and bale it 3 times each summer and cut firewood from the 10 acre woodlot behind our house. Our house is heated entirely with wood with an outdoor wood burning furnace. We heat the shop with propane gas to be certain that our fabrics don't pick up a "smoked" flavor.

In November of 2001 we developed our website to share our knowledge of furniture reupholstery with people from all areas of the USA. Our primary objectives are to help people obtain the best high density foam cushion materials to improve the comfort and appearance of their furniture. Our experience and knowledge of foam materials allows us to help our clients obtain the best replacement foam cushions for their furniture based upon their needs and firmness preferences. We enjoy helping our clients select foam materials in a personalized manner through the use of E-Mail and telephone communications.

We are also delighted to be able to make our extensive line of residential and commercial grade upholstery fabrics available to our on-line clients. The "Fabric Shopping" page of our website includes links to some of our fabric suppliers websites that allow our clients to view thousands of fabric patterns on-line. We also help our clients obtain actual fabric samples of their selected patterns and offer discount pricing on their fabric orders. Many of our clients do not have local access to such a large selection of fabrics or the ability to view fabrics at their convenience in the comfort of their home. We believe this wonderful feature will encourage and enable our clients to consider reupholstering their furniture treasures and we are happy to help in this effort.

As an active reupholstery shop, we also stock or have access to many furniture reupholstery supplies and furniture components that may not be available to our clients on a local basis. We have helped many of our clients obtain these supplies and have also offered advise and guidance about materials and upholstery techniques to the do-it-yourselfer. If you are considering a furniture reupholstery project and need help finding supplies or need advise, perhaps we can help. We encourage you to send us an E-Mail or give us a call and we promise to do whatever we can to get you started and help you through the reupholstery process.