19485 Lillehei Avenue,   Hastings,   MN     55033     Tel:  651-437-5513 (Mon-Thurs., 8AM – 4:30PM).


Hi Joe,

Just want to let you know the two bay window seat cushions arrived yesterday afternoon. We let them expand per your instructions and put them onto the seating area this morning. They fit like a glove!

Along with our fabric, they go to the upholsterer today. Yay! She is excited to see the cushions as she's never heard of a company like yours. I'll pass along your business contact info to her.

When all is done I'll send a picture and comment along back to you all.

Many thanks,

Laurayne P., 5/4/17, Sutter Creek, CA (HR3.1/33)

Hi Joe

Wanted to let u know these are the highest quality best foam we've ever had. Thanks a lot

Jim P, 3/11/17, Fair Haven, NJ (HR 2.8/41)

Hello Joe,

Just to let you know that the cushion arrived and was perfect. Thanks. Could you give me a price on a 24" x 24" x 5" in the firm and med firm for some ottermans?

Frank Z., 2/11/17, Rolla, MO (HR 2.8/41)

Joe created replacement cushion inserts for our sofa and chair. We received the finished cushions within eight days. They were awesome - perfect fit. Joe provided top notch professional service from the first contact until I received the finished product. Highly recommend!

Dwight, 1/18/17, Maine (HR 3.1/33)

Greetings Joe and Caroline:

The new cushions came in as promised and are WONDERFUL! Didn’t have any trouble getting them back in the slip covers and they fit perfectly and are so, so much better than my previous ones. Thanks for all of your hard work, great customer service, and help.


Bill B., 7/30/16, Oxford, MS (HR 3.1/33)

Dear Joe,

We received the foam for our dinette cushions in time for our 10 day vacation. We bought the recommended medium firm 3.1 density and 25 IDL. Thank you so much for your efforts in getting it to us on time. We love the cushions. Steve, my husband, was suspicious of the foam because of the high denisity. He had been told by other sellers that you did not want a foam density greater than 1.9. My research on the net about what kind of foam one should buy was extremely frustrating as the sellers did not state their density number or the IDL number of their foam. When I called to ask them, I was told the same thing that the foam was a 1.9 density, and they couldn't tell me the IDL number. From watching You Tube videos, I had learned that we should not consider a density less than 2.4. So when I finally came upon your site at 11:00PM and your density and IDL numbers were clearly stated on the first page, I had decided I was calling in your in the morning.

My phone conversation with you was a welcome relief! Your price was reasonable, and I Hit the Buy button without my hubby's (Steve) approval. Steve was very concerned about the high density, and was convinced that we would not be able to stuff the foam into the cushion covers. We received your foam, while Steve and his sister were out shopping for our trip. I put the foam in the trailer for a day to allow it to expand et. I asked my sister-in-law to help me stuff the 2 cushions which took us 20 minutes (the second one went really fast). My sister-in-law sat on the cushions and said, these are really comfortable.

She told my husband that they were really comfortable. Initially he thought they were a little firm, but he now loves them. My other sister-in-law who had a back problem was so grateful that we had replaced the foam. Many cocktails were enjoyed on these dinette cushions each night.

So again thanks so much for the transparency of your website and for the quality foam that you sell at a reasonable price. And please fell free to use any or all of the email as a testimonial.

Lori W., 7/25/16, Vail, CO (HR 3.1/33)

Hi, Joe,

Cushions arrived yesterday-as scheduled. We are pleased with them: size and shape are good and density of foam will ensure comfortable dining for many years. Thank you very much for your assistance. With the webbing and cushions in hand, my work begins soon!


David Y., 5/3/16, High Point, NC (HR 2.8/41)

The cushions have arrived, and they are great!. Your quality and service are unsurpassed.It's a pleasure to do business with you. I will pass the word.

Rose V., 5/2/16, Princeton, NJ (HR3.1/33)

Hi Caroline and Joe,

I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the cushions that you created for our patio furniture. I have attached a photo to show you how nice they look. You were great to work with. Thanks so much.


Gwen C., 9/17/15, Woodbury, MN (HR 3.1/33)

Just a line to let you know the new cushion is great. Definitely firmer than the original was when new and for a guy my size (270) it is just right. Sizing was perfect and the tip you gave me about folding it in half, and putting inside the cover and allowing it to more or less open on its own was priceless. It went in on the first try with little or no effort (with two of us doing it). We will be ordering new cushion foam for our two couches in the near future. Thanks again.

Jack M., 7/4/15, Victoria, TX (HR2.8/41)


My, time flies. I would never have guessed it's been over a month already. Anyway, I do really like the cushion. Even after unreasonably long days it is still comfortable, and it springs back by the next day ready to be used again.

Hope you are both doing well, and if I'm in the market like this again I will be sure to think of you.

Thomas K., 7/4/15, Chapel Hill, NC (HR 2.8/41)

Hi Joe,

Our cushions arrived on schedule in mid-afternoon Friday. After releasing them from their plastic prison, we let them sit for two hours, then gently wrestled them into their covers, a process that took about 5 minutes for each cushion. We waited another couple of hours before trying them out. My wife pronounced them an enormous improvement over our previous cushions of 10 years. I agree. Our daughter in Mountain View, CA is interested in replacing the cushions on their sofa. I will forward to her the technical-specs page from your website.

Your business is interesting. Although you and your wife are in a rather small Minnesota town, you have a national business thanks to the web and the effective message that a visitor finds there. Your webpage is technically clear, but it also communicates a sense that you take pride in doing good work and care about your customers. We've enjoyed doing business with you!

Best, -- Phil G., 3/26/15, Brooklyn, New York (HR 2.8/41)

Joe & Caroline,

We have 'filled' our leather seat cushion backs with Slick Fibers, which we recently received. What a difference that product has made, it’s like we have a new couch, although it feels more like we are resting on a cloud.

Thank you so very much for your phone help and answering our email questions. We’re very sure that once this is offered online, it will sell out quickly.

Mrs. G., 3/19/15, Munds Park, AZ (Slick Fibers)

**** Note: Slick Fibers are a pillow and back cushion stuffing material that is significanly better than standard hollow-fill becuase it has a slippery feel that prevents the material from compressing and bunching up like standard hollow-fill.

Slick Fibers are available in a 15 lb box which is usually enough to fill the back cushions on a sofa or two chairs. We will be adding Slick Fibers to our website soon and a 15 lb box of Slick Fibers can be shipped to most areas of the USA for $ 165.00 (shipping included).


I received my cushions and have sat on them for a few days now. They are very comfortable and exactly what I was hoping for. Not to soft, not to hard, just right. Thanks again.

Ron D., 3/6/15 Mt. Juliet, TN (HR 3.1 33)

Dear Joe,

Thank you again for the foam for our kneelers. They turned out great, and I will have to send you some pictures.

They turned out so good, in fact, that we are going to re-do the kneelers in our choir loft as well.

Thank you for your help.

In Christ,

Jonathan K., 11/24/14, Winona, MN (HR 3.0/61-1 1/2" church kneeler cushions)

Hi Joe!

Thanks SO much for this wonderfully constructed cushions. We don't need a catapult to get us up from our couch anymore! Ha! The fit and taper is perfect. Thanks again for your wonderful workmanship.

Liz Y., 11/14/14, Columbia Heights, MN (HR 3.1/33)

Just a note to say thank you. The cushion solved my problem and saved me hundreds of dollars, as I was ready to buy a whole new chair! Thank you so much for your great service. I’ve saved your information, as I’m sure I will need you again in the future.

Janet B., 10/17/14, Fort Mill, SC (HR2.8/41)

Hello Joe,

Just wanted to let you know how satisfied we are with the new cushions! Perfect fit! Very comfortable! And they make the sofa look like new! Couldn't be happier! And appreciate your attention and service. Thanks again!

Missy C., 9/11/14, Calhoun, LA (HR3.1/33)


Wow, I certainly am impressed with the quality of service your company provides. On Tuesday, June 3rd I ordered four cushions and they were delivered today, June 6th. As soon as each cushion rose to its expected height, I placed them on the chairs and they fit perfectly. Also, they cushions are very comfortable. A real classy touch to this order was placing the statement in a separate envelope with a thank you on the front and a pen inside. Dealing with you has been a pleasure, and I will be ordering two more cushions sometime this summer.

Dorothy A., 6/6/14, Saranac Lake, NY (HR 3.1/33)


Sorry for the delay in responding but I wanted to give the cushions a few weeks of use first. Well, they are great! Thank you very much!

Eric G., 5/12/14, North Prairie, WI (HR 3.1/33)

Hi Joe.

Got the cushions today and the sofas never looked (or felt) better. Thanks for all your advice and attention to make sure we got it right.

All the best,

Tom H, 2/11/14, Sonoma, CA (HR 3.1/33, HR 2.4/18)

Hi Joe,

I just wanted to let you know that I'm totally pleased with my new cushions. They're everything I'd hoped for and they've given my big old sectional a new, improved life. So comfortable now! The cushions fit perfectly and are so nicely made. Thank you for your patience and the very quick service.

Diane L., 2/6/14, Plain City, OH (HR 3.1/33)

Hi Joe,

Just wanted to let you know that I have had my cushion for a few weeks now and it is wonderful. The measuring instructions were perfect and the cushion is firm and comfortable.

After my sister saw the cushion she asked for your website so I think you'll be getting an order from her as well.The service was great and it took no time at all to get the cushion after I ordered.

Thanks for providing such a wonderful product and great service.


Kathy L., 1/29/14, Jefferson, WI (HR 2.8/41)


Your seat are all installed in our old Broyhill sofa. They are desirably denser than what was there (good advice from you on "medium-firm") and fit well. Frame and fabric remain good, so this restoration is far better than buying a new one and discarding the old. We did let the cushions degas for 5 days outside. I'm delighted!

Thanks, Jim C., 1/20/14, Logan, UT (HR 3.1/33)

Hi Joe,

I received my two bench cushions much to my delight on Friday. They are perfect in all ways..comfort, support and fit! You were true to your word about the quality and I couldn't be more pleased. I am very grateful for your knowledge and service.

Merry Christmas to you and thank you for making my holidays even happier !

Cindy S., 12/23/13,Oil City, PA (HR 3.1/33)

Hi Joe,

We received our cushions and are very satisfied with them! It was very easy to follow your directions below. Thanks for all your help!

Mary Ann H., 9/25/13, Powder Springs, GA (HR 2.8/41)

its like we have new chairs! Thanks for the nice job you did on our foam cushions for our wing chairs. They are perfect and we are enjoying them.

Mary Lou W., 9/23/13 Cottage Grove, MN (HR 2.8/41)

Dear Joe,

Received my cushions and I am very pleased. The difference in the comfort level is amazing.


Sally A., 8/30/13, New Rochelle, NY (HR3.1/33)

The cushions are fantastic. Thanks again for your flexibility.

-Jeff W., 8/29/13 Champlin, MN (HR3.1/33)


Very pleased with the foam cushions, the sofa looks and feels SO much better! Caroline, thank you for the advice and making sure I was really getting the correct product.

Rosalie P., 6/7/13, Takoma Park, MD (HR3.1/33)

Thanks, the cushion arrived yesterday and fits perfectly. This is my wife's favorite chair and is very pleased with the results. Also thanks for the fast shipping.


Duane and Barbara, 3/8/13, Ocala, FL (HR 3.1/33)

Joe, the new form 3.1/33 cushions arrived yesterday. It took longer to unwrap your packing than it did to insert the new foam in the covering. Some wrapping job! We followed your instructions to allow the foam to breath before stuffing the cushions. The cushions fit great. The seams are fully matched with the foam and the cushions look and feel great. You all did a great job. We can really tell the difference in how the cushions look and feel. We are very pleased you recommend as your standard the 3.1/33lbs. foam.

Thanks for a great professional job.


Doug Q., 2/13/13, Houston, TX (HR 3.1/33)

recieved the foam cushion yesterday and put it on the chair today. What a wonderful difference it made to sitting comfort. Thank you for your good service and a great product.

Joseph L., 2/12/13, Normal, IL (HR 3.1/33)

Hi Joe,

The cushions have arrived and they're wonderful. I've added the cushion photos to the album in FB along with a shout out to you.


Christine, 1/10/13, Sugar Grove, OH (HR 3.1/33)

Hi Joe:

I am writing to tell you that I am very happy with the new chair cushion! Even more important, my husband's chair is like new but better! He likes that it is extra firm and it feels like it will last much longer than the original cushion. I followed your instructions after unwraping and let it sit out for a day before putting it into the cover. It is perfect!

So now I would like to replace the 3 cushions on the couch that matches his chair....

Linda M., 10/29/12, Boylston, MA (HR 2.8/41)

Joe and Caroline,

Thank you so much for the great job you did on replacing the foam on our cushions. We are so happy with them and feel like we have new furniture again. It will be so nice to enjoy our three season room with comfortable seating. We really appreciate how helpful you were in helping us pick out the foam that was right for us and the quality of the work you did. Your website was so informative and helped us make our decision. However we also appreciated being able to visit you in person for the extra help we needed in putting the new foam in and sewing our cushion covers.

Thank you once again for your personalized attention. Austin says, "Hi" and he loved coming to your farm.

Please use our comments for your website and we will be referring you to others as well. The cushions you did are the nicest ones we have in the house! There were other upholstery businesses closer to us but your personalized service was unmatched by any of them and that's why we chose you.

Sincerely, Michele and Martin H., 9/28/12, Chaska, MN (HR 3.1/33)

Hi Joe,

We received our cushions and are very pleased! They seem to fit perfectly!

We cannot purchase the remaining 3 at this time but hope you will keep our information (cushion dimensions etc.) for the time when we are able to buy them.

Thanks, Steve H, 8/22/12, Rockland, MA (HR2.8/41)


thank you so much for the fast professional service. we love the new foam and it fits perfectly. we actually had no problem stuffing it back in. the sofa is better than new. you listened to what we wanted and your advice was right on the money.

thanks again, joe k, 8/6/12, new york city, NY (HR3.1/33)

My 6 foam cushions arrived promptly and are just the ticket to "renew" my porch furniture. Thanks for your informative web site and phone assistance.

Margaret U., 6/28/12, Greensboro, GA (HR2.8/41)

Hi Joe,

Received my new cushions on Tuesday as promised. I started installing the large cushions yesterday & all I can say is WOW ! It was really difficult to get in because of the shape, firmness and that velcro strip. It is well worth the trouble. The couch is now as good if not better than new !

I have used you on 2 occasions now & will not hesitate in the future. You are professional and honest which is hard to find these days. You're product is excellent not to speak of you're service.

Again thank you for my NEW CHAIRS. I know that I will have many years of comfort thanks to your company. I have recomended you in the past & will do so in the future !!

Thanks again

Ray T. , 5/24/12, Darien, IL (HR 2.8/41, HR 2.6/28 pillow-top cushions)

I forgot to tell you this tip that you might pass along. I’m dealing with cancer, and this really helped me.

When doing the fun task of restuffing the cushions, first use plain old wax paper and wrap the new cushion, and then the restuffing goes much easier. It’s also easy to pull the wax paper out.

All the best,

Kathryn H., 5/18/12, New York, NY (HR3.1/33)

"And many thanks for your prayers. It’s been a joy dealing with you."


Ordered foam cushions cut to order back in July 2008. Going through some old paperwork and finding your invoice from that order prompted me to email to say thanks for the great service then and for the great cushions that are still perfect years later!

Regards, Kathleen H., 5/14/12, New York, NY (HR 3.1 33)


Just wanted you to know the cushions worked out great. - Thank You,

Carlene F., 5/10/12, Montara, CA (HR 3.1/33)

Joe -

Just wanted to let you know, night and day difference on our sofa and chair, we are very happy.

Ryan and Jennifer, 5/7/12, Lakeville, MN (HR 3.1/33)

Hi Joe,

The cushions are working out great and they are much better than the prior cushions ever were! I finished one chair last weekend and I will finish the remaining chairs this weekend. Thanks for doing a great job and for your advice along the way.


Julie B., 4/25/12, Bozeman, MT (HR 3.1/33)

Hi Joe:

The following is my official review:

After a few months of using my new couch cushion inserts, I can definitely say they are SO much higher quality than what the couch came with! My couch was only 1.5 years old (and sort of cheap to begin with), and right away the cushion covers were baggy and wrinkling due to too soft of foam within. My new cushions are much more comfortable and looks-wise are a major upgrade to the entire piece of furniture. The customer service was great as well! I will definitely be using Best Foam Cushions for any future foam needs.

Thanks! Carrie P., Mpls., MN, 4/19/12 (HR 3.1 33)

Thank you for your prompt service! Our sofa is now very comfortable, it's like getting a new sofa for the price of three cushions. We're so glad we didn't give up on it, we are blessed to have found your business.

Have a very HAPPY EASTER!

Robert and JoAnn, Lansing, MI 4/4/12 (HR2.8/41)

I was about ready to get rid of my 2 year old sofa because the support was so poor for my bad back. I decided to try new foam cushions, and I'm glad I did. I got quality foam (and it's not cheap), but the cushions were an improvement from the cushions I had the day I purchased this sofa new. Thanks Joe and Caroline for the terrific service.

Kevin from Saint Paul, Minnesota, 3/19/12 (HR 3.1/33)


We received the cushions. They seem to be a good fit and nicely done. Our covers for the cushions are not ready yet so it will be awhile before we can enjoy using them.

Thank you for your help and good service.

Maureen A., Sayville, NY, 3/3/12 (HR 3.1/33, HR 2.4/18)

Hi Joe,

The two foam dinette seat cushions arrived in the well packed tiny box, and after letting them sit expanding for probably a little too long, I got them into the covers without ripping them to shreds. I put them back in the camper just before the latest snow storms hit, and they are wonderful! The Dacron gently curves the edges and seemed to help the new foam slide in and adjust to the shape of the covers. There was a slight difference in the sizes of the two covers and the two original foam cushions, so one new cushion slipped in real easy and the other went in hard and bowed up in the middle from two directions. Once I bent it backwards a couple of times and sat in the middle it conformed nicely. As I sat in the cold camper looking out the window, I knew I would finally be satisfied and comfortable once we're on the road again. The fuel prices are getting steep and a more significant cost of travelling, but I think we'll be all set if my wife gets a second job and works some overtime. She hasn't accepted that suggestion well, though. Thanks for all your help, suggestions, making us great cushions, and providing great service! We appreciate it.


Greg B., Hopkinton, NH, 3/2/12 (HR 3.1/33)

good is christmas in Feb for me. You do fabulous work. All fits perfect. Love the note you place in the package with a bit of humor.

Thank you for all of your TLC.

Lezlie F., Lenexa, KS, 2/28/12 (HR3.1/33, HR 2.4/18)

Good morning Joe,

Thank you so much for our cushions, it's like a new sofa, they're perfect. Also thank you for your wonderful customer service, it was a pleasure dealing with you. If I ever need more cushions I will be back. If I know anyone who needs cushions I will be sure to refer you.

Thanks again,

Mary Lou and Pat K., Havertown, PA, 2/14/12 (HR3.1/33)

Hi Joe,

It's been a month since my foam has arrived. As soon as it got here and unfurled, I immediately got cutting because I was so ready to be rid of the old foam. This new foam is great! The difference between this and the old foam is huge! It hasn't sagged or showed any indications that is will flatten out any time soon. And because of this, the whole sofa is much more comfortable. Instead of being avoided by everyone, it has become the primary place to sit in our living room again.

Thanks for you advice and good product!

Kathryn O., 2/11/12, Huntington, NY (HR 2.8/41)

“Wow! The customer service from Caroline and Joe is 5 stars. I was under the gun to get foam and vinyl ordered for our new restaurant and they stepped up and made it so easy for me. They responded quickly to all emails and calls, so I didn’t lose any time. Joe went out of his way to find the right vinyl. It was like they were on my team and we reached our goal together. I’ll never call anyone else for my upholstery supplies! Thank you both!

Amy R., 2/10/12, Winter Park, CO (HR 2.8/41)



CHRISTINA from Tennessee, 1/23/12 (HR31./33)

Hi Joe,

I received my cushions yesterday and got them installed. Wow, what a difference they make! It's like having a brand new couch. Sitting on the cushions feels like I'm levitating on air. It's so nice that when I get up from the couch the cushions spring right back into shape. This has been a very positive experience all around; if only every business aspired to the degree of customer satisfaction as you do, I think the world would be such a better place! Enclosed is a picture so you can see the "after" contrast to the "before".

Thanks again!

Tristan, 1/19/12, Bothell, WA (HR 3.1/33)

We received the cushions and replaced them for our leather couch and are very happy with the results. We will keep you in mind for others.

We have a chair which has a cushion that is not exactly square. Whats the best way for me to measure this for you or could I just send the inside cushion itself to you?


Bruce H., 1/9/12, New York, NY (HR 2.8/41)

I should have emailed you earlier. I received my cushions last Thursday and they looked great. I made my covers this weekend and it looks like a new chair!

Thanks!, Jessica, 1/1 12, Kingman, KS (HR 3.1/33, HR 2.4/18)


I love my new cushion! I thank you and my back thanks you! It makes all the difference in the world. Have a Merry Christmas!

Thank You, Tammy, 12/12/11, Hazen, AR (HR 2.8/41)

Hi Joe,

I received my cushions the first of the week, and have replaced my old ones with the new ones What a big difference they make. Thank you so much for such quick service. If I ever need any more cushions or know of anyone else who might need some new cushions I will be sure to give you the business.

Thank you so much,

Fay P., 12/10/11, Kill Devil Hills, NC (HR 3.1 33)

Hey Joe,

Just want to let u know that my new cushion is A # 1. It's the perfect firmness. I waited a couple of days to make sure.

Best wishes for the new year!

Joe L., 12/10/11, Old Town, FL (HR 2.8/41)

Hi Joe,

Just wanted to say cushion arrived very soon and fits very well. Sit's great! Great doing business with you. Thanks

Pam W, 12/8/11, Taylorsville, NC (HR 2.8/41)

OK Joe,

All done and we are happy. The foam is great and worked out very well. Thanks for your expert advice ......... you made me into an upholsterer for a week!!

Best regards,

Dick G. 12/3/11, Nova, OH (HR 3.1/33)

Thank you the cushions were great they fit just fine.

Louis M., 11/9/11, Port St. Lucie, FL (HR 3.1/33)


Received the foam cushions and followed the instructions for allowing them to expand. They fit great and basically eliminated wrinkles in the cushion fabric.You made it easy and a pleasure to do business with you. We will be sure to recommend you if any of our family or friends need foam cushions.

Best Regards,

George and Annette C., 10/28/11, Canton, GA, (HR3.1/33)


The new cushions arrived a day ahead of schedule and didn’t take much effort to replace. The only problem I’m having is they appear to be slightly wider due to the Dacron wrap on the sides. The old cushions only had the Dacron on the top, front, and bottom. The new foam fits into the covers, but the cushions are very snug when fitting them on the sofa. I’m sure over time they’ll conform.

We were surprised at the difference in firmness between HR 2.8/41 foam material compared to the HR 3.1/33 material. We both like the added firmness the HR 2.8/41 foam provides and are using these cushions on sofa which is the main seating area. The HR 3.1/33 cushions are very comfortable on the loveseat and are definitely 110% better than to original foam. Several neighbors and guests have commented on the firmness and how much the like it. We’ve already given away the business cards you included with our last order, so hopefully you’ll get some new customers soon.

Thanks for all your outstanding support

Terry & Barb, 10/27/11, Hannover, MD. (HR 3.1/33, HR 2.8/41)

Hi Joe:

Our shipment of foam cushions arrived yesterday and they fit PERFECTLY! Thanks for your fast service.

Claire W., 9/24/11, Bemidji, MN (HR 3.1 33)

Cool. After 18 years, the kitchen chair cushions have definitely lost their cushiness. I found your website very informative and appreciate getting the Dacron and adhesive along with the cushions. I’d found new fabric a while ago but the fabric stores here aren’t stocking foam. You guys have been a big help. Thank you!


Georganne J., 9/12/11 Arlington, VA (D/R Seat repad kit- HR 2.8.41)

Hello Joe,

The cushions came today as you said they would last week. I took them out of their bags and put them on my covered front porch this afternoon. They actually inflated immediately to their 5 inches which was neat to watch. I left them out there for 3 hours as they didn't seem to grow any more and was at the 5 inches I ordered. I took my cushions out and was happy to see that the original foam was incased in a pillow case like cloth with down feathers sewed into the outer sides. I took your cushions and placed them into the pillow case and then into my cushion covers. I am at this time still sweating but it is worth every drop. It is exactly what I wanted in firmness and softness, well like you said a Mama(Bear) cushion. We had place a hard board under the original cushions to give support and I'm happy to say I got to remove them as it's not needed anymore. This set is a sectional that the original buyers had custom made in Hickory NC and they quoted sold for $5,000 (had label on outside of pillow case stating company and materials used) so I hated to get rid of it and put money into something else and thanks to you all I didn't have to. I really appreciate all your help especially the non aggressive help; which always made me feel like I was getting help not a sales job. In todays world it's nice to see someone offering home services with a personal touch and living up to their reputation. Good luck in your future personal and business. Happy Labor Day.


Sue R.,9/1/11, Clover, SC (HR 3.1 33)

Hi Joe,

The cushions arrived - and we love them! They are so comfortable and now we love our chairs again thanks to Best Foam Cushions. My sister-in-law will be contacting you regarding her chairs and sofa. Thank you so much.

Dianne H., 8/19/11, Clinton, MS (HR 3.1/33)


Just wanted to inform you the new cushions have had quite a workout in the last couple of months and they are holding up very well. I am very pleased with the firmness.

Thank you again for your great customer service and guidance.

Gwen C., 7/31/11, Dover, DE (HR2.8/41)

Joe & Caroline,

It's been about a year and a half now since you made our new sofa cushions. We still talk about how nice they are. No sagging at all. Great job.

Raymond C., 6/29/11, Chicago, IL (HR 3.1/33, HR 2.4/18)

Thank you Joe for shipping out my new cushion so promptly. I'm looking forward of sitting on a comfortable cushion. I will definitely email you in a couple of weeks to let you know when I'll be purchasing the remaining couch and loveseat cushions.

I am very impressed with your kind customer service. It's very nice to know that you have the customer service skill that seems to be lacking in many of the companies now a days. I will definitely be passing the word around of your fantastic work ethnic, integrity and pride of your products. What impressed me was your suggestion to purchase the chair cushion first to see if I liked the cushions. You're more concerned about me (the customer) liking your products then you making a bigger sale. Because of that you have my business.

Again I thank you for your prompt service.


Gwen C., 5/12/11, Dover, DE (HR 2.8/41)


After a few months of "testing" I want to tell you that we like the cushions you provided for our sofa tremendously. Much better than the originals ever were. They fit perfectly into the leathers and were a snap to put on. Shipping was without a hitch.

Thanks much, and you will probably be hearing from us soon...yeah, more work for you!

Richard L., 4/22/11, Murrieta, CA (HR3.1/33)


We received the cushions and they are perfect. What would the cost be to do the couch. There are two cushions & the measurements are: 5” thick foam size: 26” X 24”


Cindy O., 4/21/11, Hettinger, ND (HR3.1/33)

Joe and Caroline,

We’ve had our new couch cushions in place for about a week now, and we LOVE them! They completely restored our worn out couch to like brand new! No more needing help to get out of the saggy seat, no more back-aches during naps, no more fear or embarrassment when having guests over!

We are truly thrilled with the results, and have started saving so that we can get the loveseat cushions done too. What a difference!

Thank you for your help, your professionalism, and for great cushions!

Wishing you all the best,

Tim and Kathy M., 4/11/11, Holland, MI (HR2.8/41)

Joe – received my cushion today. The quality of the material and workmanship is great. Couldn’t believe you could make that big cushion compress that much. Thank you for helping save our furniture. I will recommend you to friends and family.


Robbi C., 4/1/11, Middletown, PA (HR2.8/41)

Joe and Caroline,

Just a note to say that our cushions have “grown up” and been “stuffed.” I think they are content in their new home…I know we are enjoying them. They fit perfectly and it is nice to sit on a new feeling couch and chair. Thank you for your service and your informative website. It was a tremendous resource as I researched replacement foam cushions.

Debee O., 2/8/11, York, PA (HR 2.8/41)

Hi Joe,

I wanted to say thank you for your great website, good service and fast shipping. The foam worked perfectly. We have a 24 year old IKEA natural buffalo hide sofa and love seat that are in great shape but the seating area was broken down from years of use. Once we discovered your website and the great explanations, it seemed reasonable to re-foam the sofa and love seat then buy new furniture. The leather on our furniture is soft and broken in, it made more sense to purchase new foam and enjoy another 24 years of use. You can’t beat a leather sofa that has character of a natural buffalo hide.

Now that my husband has finished the re-foaming (took about three hours for both pieces) we know how deteriorated the old foam had become. The furniture feels like brand new and is a pleasure to sit upon. We watched two football games yesterday in the new found comfort of our re-foamed furniture.

Again thanks for the great website and the extra help at check out. Much appreciated.

Regards, Wendy H. 1/10/11, Hanover, PA (HR 3.1/33)


Just thought I'd take a moment to report back to you on the cushions we purchased from you. Successfully got them down to South Carolina and had no problem replacing the old ones. We did have to push and tug some to get them in the covers. The difference was quite noticeable as you promised. We no longer sink to the bottom as we did with the old cushions. When we first installed them, the covers were completely filled out with no wrinkles. As we used them for three weeks, it appears the foam did compress somewhat. Even with that, we feel that these cushions will be more than adequate to suit our needs. We are very satisfied. I have attached a picture so you can see the final result.

Thanks, Jim M. 12/14/10, Maumee, OH (HR 3.1/33)

*** Reply >>> The picture provided depicts a slight looseness of the cushion cover on the new cushions. We believe this is the result of some stretching of the cushion covers which is the result of the lack of support provided by the original foam cushions. Very soft and non-supportive foam seat cushions typically result in stretching of the fabric on the cushion cover when the cushion is sat upon. The fit of the new cushions on the sofa indicates that Jim did a good job of measuring the cushions.

Wow! I just love the chairs & all cushions!

Bob and I just finished supper on the porch and we are shocked at how worn out our old cushion were. These are great. And I am thrilled with the patterns, colors, and looks and quality of the entire project delivered today! Thanks for the tip on the sliding cushions. An easy fix.

Anyway, I hope you liked these finished things as much as I do. I'm really pleased with your work and I was really excited when I saw it all. Thank you!

Nancy B., 10/15/10, Redwing, MN (HR 3.1/33)


The cushion came in just a couple of days. Assembly wasn't all that bad and my wife is very pleased with the new cushion.

We will recommend you to anyone with similar needs. Thanks,

Lou C., 9/30/10, Norristown, PA (HR 2.8/41)

Hi Joe,

I am still working on those cushions but the ones I have done are beautiful! You did a great job making them and if the need arises again I'll be ordering from you. When I get the couch done I'll take a picture and send it to you.

Have a great weekend!

Michelle B., 9/24/10, Raleigh, NC (HR3.1/33 seat cushions, HR 2.4/18 back cushion bolsters)

Good morning Joe,

The pad arrived Monday, but I didn’t get it out of the carton until yesterday. It looked great and is just what we wanted.


Clyde B., 9/2/10, Foley, AL (HR 3.0/61- floor mat for excersise pad w/ vinyl cover)

The cushions are great! Can you please send me a price quote for the other two cushions.


Julie J., 7/27/10, Pearland, TX (HR 3.1/33)

Hi Joe,

We received both the seat cushions and the back cushions. Thank you for the speedy delivery, it was great. What an improvement, I am so pleased and look forward to fitting the love seat back cushions into our budget, followed by the sofa seat cushions. Hopefully sooner than later. Thank you for quality product, but even more so, thank you for the outstanding customer service. I'd buy anything from you based on that alone!!!

I'll be in touch, Happy Summer,

Michelle and Family, 6/30/10, Sunnyvale, CA (HR 3.1/33, Slick Fibers)

You guys are scary efficient! I'll touch base the minute I stuff it into the slipcover....Again, superior service for which I am most appreciative.

Allison J. 6/14/10

Hey Guys!

Just wanted you to know I just got home and opened up my new cushion. It fits perfectly!!! No more sinking into the pit of the couch.

It is exactly what I needed and I appreciate your help directing me to the appropriate foam. I'm thrilled and when I need help with my outdoor cushions, I will be calling you. Regards,

Allison J., 6/17/10, Greensboro, NC (HR 3.1/33)

Hello Joe & Caroline!

I just thought I'd let you know that we finished the work on the kneelers this morning. It took us just a total of eight mornings to get it done. We worked from 9:00 to 12:00 each morning and only worked two days a week. The first day it was JoAnn & I only, and we began to wonder if we had bitten off more than we could chew, but gradually more people came and this morning we had sixteen. After it was done we all went out to Pizza Hut for a buffet lunch. We let everyone know of your generous donation to that lunch and all thought that was great. After seeing and feeling the difference in the kneelers we have had many good comments from our parishioners. Thanks again for your help on this project.

Joe C., 6/15/10 Hastings, IA (Rebond Foam for church kneeler cushions, Vinyl)

Dear Joe,

I know it's been a long time since I purchased cushions from you but as I am cleaning out my e-mail i came across this and decided to let you know how much we love our new cushions. It has breathed new life into our couch and we can get great use out of it for years to come. No more back aches and kinked necks trying to get comfortable on the couch anymore! Your products and customer service were wonderful and I am very grateful for your help. Thank you for a job well done!

Sincerely, Lisa B., 6/11/10, Ann Arbor, MI (HR 3.1 33)

Hi Joe

The cushion for my husbands chair worked out great. He loves the firmness. Thank you,

Mary O., 5/28/10 Santa Barbara, CA (HR2.8/41)

Hi Joe,

Just wanted to send you a short email thanking you for the quality foam cushion i just recieved. It is exactly what i was looking for and far more superior than the one my wife bought locally. For sure, we will be back in the future!!!

Thanks again and best regards,

Tom W., 5/24/10, Pompton Plains, NJ (HR 2.8/41)

Hi Joe,

Just a note to let you know that the cushions arrived and after letting them sit for a night, we have put them on the couch and loveseat. The difference is amazing. When we removed the old cushions, we noticed that the foam used (written on side of cushion) was the 18 number we talked about.

We've always turned the cushions as we do our mattress, so we are looking forward to many years of comfort. Thank you again for all of your assistance through the ordering process and for the speed in which the cushions were made and sent to us.


Kathryn M. 5/18/10, York Springs, PA (HR3.1/33)

Dear Joe:

Just wanted to thank-you for the foam cushions. You guys did an excellent job. We are very pleased with the results. We will definitely be in touch in the future for any cushions we need. Thank-you once again.

Sue A., 3/6/10, Lakewood, CO (HR 3.1/33 Pillow-top cushions)


It's been almost two weeks now since we received the cushions. They're great. What a difference between the cheap materials used by the manufacturer and your replacement cushions. Perfect fit (thanks to you), quick turn around, and our sofa is better than new. Great job.

Only one negative comment. There was an odor for about a week. I'm guessing it was from the glue curing. If I had a choice of getting the cushions quickly with an odor, or waiting a week for the glue smell to go away, I would have chosen fast delivery. Thanks again.

Raymond C., 2/24/10, Chicago, IL (HR 3.1 33, HR2.4 18)

>>>>>> Reply (RE: Chemical odor in foam cushions)

I'm sorry for any inconvenience or discomfort you have experienced due to the odor of the foam cushions. This odor is caused by a couple of reasons including the glue that we use to laminate the dacron wrap to our foam cushions. The glue actually melds the foam material a bit which creates a permanent bond of the dacron to the foam material and this does produce a temporary chemical odor that should dissipate within a week. We compress and package our foam cushions quickly after they are completed so any of these odors are contained until the packaging is opened. Some of our clients let the cushions air out a bit before inserting them into the cushion covers which helps to speed up the dissipation of any odors.

The other reason that new foam materials have a chemical odor relates to the way foam materials are made. The ingredients of the foam are mixed in a large vat before another chemical is added that creates a chemical reaction that causes the foam material to bake. This process creates a chemical odor that is locked into the foam bun by the rubbery skin on the exterior of the foam bun. When the foam bun is cut into foam sheets and the skin of the bun is removed these odors are able to dissapate. The dissapation of these odors also usually takes about a week in the open air but often times we receive our sheet foam materials within 24 hours of when they have been cut from the foam bun and cut our client's cushions on the day that the foam arrives at our facilities.


Dear Joe and Caroline,

Our cushions arrived yesterday and my husband and I put the slip covers on today. Our couch is amazing now. Thank you so much for your great service. We will definitely be return customers should we need upholstery or cushions in the future and would gladly recommend you to our friends and family.

We bought a beautiful couch from Raymour & Flannigan and it took just two months from the purchase date of our couch for the original cushions to "breakdown" and become uncomfortable. I will write you again in a couple of months just to let you know how the cushions are holding up although I am confident they will.

Thank You Again,

Lauren W. 2/3/10, Northport, NY (HR2.8/41)


I just read your email below and must say that you are the epitome of customer service – it is a pleasure doing business with you and will have Arleen give you feedback on the product.

Merry Christmas to you and yours and you can gladly use this as a testimonial

Phil G., 12/23/09, Lansdale, PA (HR 3.1/33)

......... Follow-Up Comment

Hi Joe,

The foam actually arrived Sat. 12/26 – and really fit perfectly to what we were covering. Here are some after the job pics. Thanks again for the wonderful customer service and the quality product.

Arleen and Phil G., 1/16/10 Lansdale, PA (HR 3.1/33)

Hi Joe!

We received the cushions yesterday and have been sitting on them for a day now. They fit perfectly and are a huge improvement over our old cusions.

I greatly appreciate the help, advice and quick service. We will order from you again if/when we decide to replace our back cushions.


Jeff W., 1/16/10, San Jose, CA, (HR3.1/33)

Hi Joe,

I received the foam cushions a day early which was a nice surprise from UPS. I installed one of them for a comparison test and it was awesome!! It was such a difference I waited until every came home and could compare the new against the old. They were all amazed! It’s really a nice feel, being supportive, soft and not too firm or hard. I was a little afraid it might be to firm for everyone’s taste but it’s perfect for all…. I have a loveseat that I want to replace the cushions on soon it’s not as dead as the sofa was but I want them all the same now. I do have a chair cushion I need to order right after I get done writing this message. I replaced this cushion locally a few months ago but its way too firm, the local upholster only had two HR foams to pick from and I picked the wrong one. I’m extremely happy with these and want to stick with the same foam from you for the rest of my upgrades. FYI the family room furniture set is from Broyhill and its 5 years old it’s nice knowing I don’t have to spend $3000+ on a whole new set now.

Many Thanks Joe!

Jerry M., Liverpool, NY, 12/12/09 (HR 3.1/33 sofa & Loveseat cushions)

Thanks, Joe …

… for the email advising our cushions have shipped. You have handled our questions and the entire process in a very professional manner and I have no doubt we will be satisfied with your work. The processing of our order is far faster than expected and it’s a real joy to do business with people that are knowledgeable, competent and execute their product or service in the manner you have. I only wish more businesses today were like yours.

We will try and drum up more business for you – because we believe in the old adage that “behavior that is rewarded is expanded!” Actually, over the weekend we talked about our sage in ‘comfortable living’ and told some friends you could be the solution to the issues they have as you were for us. There are probably a lot more customers out there in the world who don’t realize the options that your new cushion foam provide – so rest assured we’ll be an advocate for your company in this small part of the world!

I’ll be in touch once we receive our cushions and get them into ‘service!’

Thanks, Jim M., Melbourne Beach, FL 11/23/09 (HR 3.1/33 cushions, HR 2.8/70 sleeper deck pad)

........ Follow-up Comment

Hi, Joe

Just a short note to advise the cushions arrived Monday as scheduled and we put the covers on them yesterday. They work great and with the support foam piece the seating is much firmer than before and doesn’t ‘buckle’ as previous photos showed. We are very pleased.

Thanks again for your expertise and service.

Jim M. 12/2/09

I must take the time to express appreciation for the pre-sales support and excellent product you delivered. Needing to replace 5- 6" cushions for a couch and love seat, and never having ordered replacement cushions before, I had many questions - bullnose, wrap, support, etc. Joe reviewed my pictures, answered my questions, and had my order to me before the end of the week - at a price not matched by any other on the web.

Of big concern was the firmness, myself being over 200' and having friends over 6' tall and 250+ lbs, I wondered if the HR 3.1 density/ 33 lb (medium-firm) foam might not be as supportive as needed and if the HR 2.8 41 foam (firm)would not be more suitable. So, I mixed the order - 3 medium firm and 2 firm. I found the medium firm to be luxuriously soft and the firm to be supportively comfortable. I found the firm to be preferable for elders who may have difficulty arising from a sitting position.

With the personalized service provided by Joe and Caroline, do not hesitate to update those cushions.

Joyce, Hoffman Estates, IL 11/19/09 (HR 3.1/33, HR 2.8/41)

Hi Joe-

I said I'd let you know how the cushions are working out for us....and we are very happy with them. There is definitely a huge difference in these and the support (or non-support I should say) over the old ones! I'm very glad that I went with the firmer foam. And my husband is happy too. The fabric hasn't moved as much either and is holding the shape well. Only thing I might have done different is put a couple more layers of dacron wrap or something "puffier" on top and bottom. The cushions are a bit "flatter" looking for the style of the couch that it is. It was kind of a "big, puffy, comfy looking couch, but I can live with that for how much we like the support of these. I will definitely recommend you and your wife if I run across anyone who needs your services.

Thank you-

Sandy S., Rochester, MN 11/2/09 (HR2.8/41)

Hi Joe

Received the cushion yesterday and was thrilled that it came so soon. I let it do its thing overnight and put it in the covering this morning and I have a wonderful new chair. It is just marvelous, and I am very thrilled not to be sitting on the floor. Thanks again you will probably hear from me again after the holidays. I have a loveseat that my three greyhounds love but it needs new cushions.

Have a happy holiday and thanks again.

Greta Ann M., Pittsfield, MA 10/24/09 (HR 2.8/41)

Hello, Joe.

I received my cushion order a little while ago. The cushions were well packed and took up surprisingly little space with the air sucked out of the packaging, as you described. I delayed opening the box until my daughter could come here to take 7 or the 8 cushions back to her house to rescucitate them. The cushion I have here as my form to make all of the slipcovers has inflated itself nicely and "sits" well without bottoming out. I just wanted you to know that I am pleased with your advice, your work, and with my purchase.

Thank you. Margarethe D., Milton, MA 10/12/09 (HR 2.5/40)


Just installed the new cushions in the seat covers,they are a perfect fit and are alot more than we expected. We did'nt realize the condition of the old foam till we installed the new. Thank you for the prompt professional handling of our order.

Regards Horace V., Pheonixville, PA, 10/9/09 (HR 3.1/33 crowned cushions)

Hi Joe,

We received our cushions and absolutely love them. Our two year old sofa felt like 20 years old, but as you put it in your email... my new cushions have been born & now the same can be said about my sofa... like new again! You were very helpful and It was truly a pleasure doing business with you.

Thanks again!

Christine M., Plaistow, NH 10/7/09 (HR3.1/33)

Hi Joe,

You might remember that I purchased some new cushions from you in April. Well, though the cushions spent some time at the upholsterer's I wanted to let you know that the cushions are wonderful (my patients are grateful), and the covers are fabulous too. By refurbishing (see how the set looked before) I saved more than 30% over having to buy new furniture. Thank you again.

Sincerely, Michael S., North Quincy, MA 10/6/09 (HR2.8/41, HR 2.4/18)


The cushions and covers arrived, and they are great and we love them.

Frank T., West Grove, PA, 10/4/09 (HR 2.8/41)

Joe and Caroline –

I want to let you know that we are very satisfied with the cushions. They are every bit as comfortable as I was imagining, and they fit very well. Great job and thanks very much.

Jim S., Sedro Wooley, WA 10/01/09 (HR 3.1/33)


I am sending 5 cushions (covers) for the sofa and loveseat and also two cushions(covers) for two armchairs.

We are very happy with the foam cushions in the previous order, and would like the same 2.8 lb density, "our best" firm seating foam.

Thanks, Frank T., West Grove, PA 9/23/09 (HR 2.8/41)


We are extremely pleased with our new cushions. They fit perfect! It’s nice to once again be able to sit on the sofa, not fall into it :>)

We appreciate your kind, prompt and quality service. You put the original manufacturer of the sofa, Décor-Rest Furniture, to shame. They have a wonderful website, but they don’ respond to emails. We’re glad we found someone who really wanted our business and delivered on their promises.

Thanks again for your kind assistance and best wishes for a blessing-filled week.

RoJeane A., DeForest, WI 9/17/09 (HR 3.1/33)

Hi Joe,

Just a quick note to let you know that I love my new chair cushion. It is very comfortable. I did have a minor problem in that the cushion was a tad small so I used some of the wrapping from the old cushion to fill in the space. It did the trick and the cushion fits beautifully.

Thank you. Mary Ann, Wood Ridge, NJ 9/15/09 (HR 3.1/33)

Hi Joe,

Thanks again for the cushions. They worked out perfectly. Due to your helpful suggestions, the 1/2 inch overlap worked out well, and the new Dacron was nice to work with.

I was very impressed with the foam. I went to several home/hobby/fabric stores, but did not see any foam that was this nice.

Thanks again for your help.

Sincerely, Barry M., Garland, TX 8/20/09 (HR 3.1/33)

Good Morning Joe,

I wanted to let you know that I was thoroughly pleased with your service and product. I was pleased with your on-line help in ordering, the speed in getting the product “born” and tracking the progress of UPS. It is amazing how many states the package can route through. When you can enjoy the small things in life, I can say that I had fun with the quick expansion of the form once released. It performed as promised (your instructions were very clear and detailed).

Mom was excited when the time came to stuff the covers. By rolling back the cover materials, the form actually went in relatively easy. Everything is relative. My opinion is that the size was perfect. The 3-1/2 inch foam was right! Mom seems to be happy and says all is fine.

When mom’s happy, I’m happy. Thanks so much for working with me. I’m glad I found your business and I have already passed your name along to someone who will be looking to redo dining room chairs in the future. I may be as well.

Have a great day. Sandra M., Blacksburg, VA 8/7/09 (HR 3.1/33)

Joe and Caroline,

We wanted to let you know that we are very happy with our cushions and with the service we were given. I was very intimidated by the prospect of buying sofa cushions (having been burned before). But because your website was so helpful and the ordering process very easy, I felt confident instead of anxious. Thank you so much for making us feel that our business was important.

Sincerely, Laurin C., Knoxville, TN 7/27/09 (HR 3.1/33, HR 2.4/18)

Hi Joe & Caroline:

Just wanted to let you know the cushions were exactly what we where looking for, they were delivered very quickly and the Dacron wrap eased in instillation, which made a nice soft look and feel to the edges. Thanks again for all your help.

Billy & Sandy S., West Enfield, ME 7/18/09 (HR 2.8/41)

We love our new sofa seat cushion, just what we wanted. Thank you for you help.

Donna G., Malden, MA 7/5/09 (HR 2.8/41)

Hi cushions have arrived and are continuing to fill into their skin! That is a very clever process. I am anxious to get started on the project and will keep you up to date. Thank you for your professionalism!

Michel M, Fort Lauderdale, FL 6/10/09 (HR 3.1/33)

Joe and Caroline,

Thanks so much for your quick, flexible and good service. I arrived home yesterday and popped the second seat cusion in the cover. Sat on the loveseat and sighed from the pleasure of being comfortable, supported and relaxed.

Thanks again.

Kim C., Chicago, IL 5/30/09 (HR 3.1/33)

Dear Joe,

Before ordering the cushion from you this spring I hardly ever used my sofa. Now with the firm support and comfort that your cushion gives me I use it on a regular basis. Thank you.

Debbie F., Washington DC 5/19/09 (HR3.1/33)


Just wanted to follow up. I finally finished the window seat cushion covers and wanted you to see how the they look now (see attached). They still hang over a tad on either end, but I'm loathe to take out the dacron on the sides because I like the way the covers fit tightly. I'll live with it as is. I now need to do something about covering the windows, but one thing at a time. Thanks again for all your help and for the great cushions--I can tell they'll last me a very long time.

Bette A., Wakefield, RI 5/11/09 (HR 3.1/33)


I was sick and in the hospital for several weeks, which delayed the dining room chair upholstery project. I finally completed the job. For an amateur, it came out pretty good. The wife was pleased anyway. The material you sent was great. And the dog doesn't seem interested in eating the cushions. Thanks for recommending the right material.

Hilmer E., Murphy, TX 5/05/09 (HR 3.1 33)

Joe and Company,

The cushions arrived early last Friday. UPS had them scheduled for arrival here today. They fit perfectly and are nicely manufactured. Our sofa sits a lot better now and we can enjoy it again. Thank you all for your help with this order.

Dennis R., Los Almos, NM 4/27/09 (HR 2.8/41)

Joe and Caroline;

I have arrived at our cottage in Wisconsin and replaced the foam cushions on our porch (indoor). They are PERFECT. Perfect fit, perfect size, perfect density. The sofa is like NEW now. Wow ! Thanks

George Z. Libertyville, IL 4/20/09 (HR 2.8/41)

Hey Joe,

Cushion arrived yesterday. I let it breath for 24 hours, and just now slipped it into the case. I went in easily. It fits perfectly, and feels fantastic! I can't believe we sat on our old cushions for so long (20 + years)! Please make 4 more just like it.

Many thanks, Alan T., Montgomery, AL 4/2/09 (HR3.1 33)


Just a note of thanks. The other 4 cushions fit perfectly! I will definitely recommend you to anyone who asks me about cushions. Thanks for the quick turnaround.

Alan T., Montgomery, AL 4/12/09 (HR 3.1/33)


Thanks so much for the cushions. We are very happy to have made the switch from our old cushions to the new ones as this offers the right level of support and it is pleasure to sit on them.

We have the cushion backs that are still too soft and unwieldy and could use some options. The backs are not like the bottom in shape. We would prefer almost the same firmness for the back as the cushions are set too deep for us.

-ravi S. Westford, MA 3/29/09 (HR 3.1/33)

Hi Joe & Caroline,

We received the cushions from UPS last week. My husband and I are very pleased with the quality of the cushion and the outstanding services you provided. I have been searching from the internet for custom-cut cushions for some time and I feel very lucky that I choose you instead of other companies. I gained some knowledge on what kind of cushion are suitable for us from your website. Your prompt response to my email and detailed answers to my questions gave me a lot of confidence to place the order from you. I appreciate your efforts, impeccable service and superior cushion quality. I will definitely order from you again to replace the cushions of another couch.

All the best, Kang Ying (Linda) from Philadelphia (3/22/09) (HR 3.1/33 seat, HR 2.4/18 back)

Thank you, Joe and Caroline, for your assistance with my requests. I look forward with great anticipation to the arrival of this fabric and soon-to-be newly recovered love seats!! It is my pleasure and a divine gift to be accommodated with such efficiency and friendliness. Thank you, and may God bless you richly,

Teresa M. Yorktown, VA 3/19/09 (Upholstery Fabrics)

Thank you for my sofa cushions. They arrived today. Perfect sizing. I might have wanted them harder, but they are fine. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Jan M., Brooklyn, NY 3/7/09 (HR 3.1/33)

Everything is PERFECT. Since a picture is worth a thousand words all that is left to write is THANK YOU!

Karen K. Racine, WI 3/2/09 (HR 3.1/33)

I received the cushions a weekago Thursday and immediately replaced the old ones with the new. The sofa and love seat look and feel like they are brand new. My family loves the firmness and support.

Thank you, Helen K., New Castle, PA 2/14/09 (HR 3.1/33)

We got the cushions this morning. Thank you for the prompt service. I found out I had given you an incorrect measurement so I had to cut off an inch of length on each, but had no problem doing so. We successfully got them inside the upholstery. I am writing this as I sit on the new cushion - I'd like to say I thank you from the bottom of my heart, but actually, it's another portion of my anatomy that is most appreciative. They are very comfortable.

Thank you, Don C., Lincoln, NE 1/28/09 (HR 3.1/33)

On 12/31/08 we placed our order for 3 sofa cushions. We received them not long after - very quick delivery - and we let them "grow up" as you advised after freeing them from their plastic bag. We have to say that the cushions are wonderful. They make the sofa feel and look just like brand new. We had forgotten how comfortable the sofa was because we had been sitting low for so long on the old cushions!

Getting them into their covers wasn't too hard a chore, with the two of us working at it. We were tempted to put them on the sofa right away, but waited til they had expanded as you instructed.

Thank you so much - not only for a great product, but also for your help and patience in assisting us in choosing the right size. It's really nice to deal with someone who is so helpful.

We plan to enjoy our sofa for years to come!

Thank you! Mike and Tricia J., Haverstraw, NY 1/18/09 (HR 3.1/33)

I just wanted to say the birth of our new cushion was worth the wait. It feels pretty nice. But I think I might look into maybe seeing about some new springs.

Thanks, Dave Columbus, OH 1/27/09 (HR3.1/33)

Joe & Caroline

The cushions were received Wed. January 7 and installed on Friday. We found the new HR2.8/41 foam to be very comfortable. Thank You for your suggestion to go with the higher quality and firmness, it was the right choice for us. We are very satisfied with our new dining chair cushions.

I found it interesting that I had correctly measured a 3 inch thickness of the original cushion and then found that it was actually 4 inches after it was removed and relaxed. But I'm glad I didn't order 4 inches because I would not have been able to recover it.

Thanks Again,

William and Thelma B., Crystal City, TX, 1/11/09 (HR 2.8/41)

I received my cushion today. It is great: fits the cover well and is comfortable. You were very easy to work with – responsive, prompt, and kept me well informed. I also appreciated all the information on your website that made it easy for me to understand what and how to order. I’ll be sure to pass your name along and consider you for future work. Thanks!

Sincerely, Kathie B., Midland, MI 1/5/09 (HR3.1/33)

Hi Joe,

Just a note to let you know that we love our new cushion foam! The cushions fit in the covers perfectly, and our couch is so much more comfortable. You shipped them so quickly, which was an added bonus :-)

Thanks again, and Happy Holidays!

Amber T. Meadow Vista, CA 12/4/08 (HR3.1/33)


I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the sofa seat cushions I ordered from you. They are extremely comfortable and clearly of high quality. I’m very glad I opted to order from you rather than from local sources, who were charging much more for what was undoubtedly lesser quality foam. I was also very impressed with the speed with which you completed and shipped the order.

Best wishes for the Holidays,

Diana L. Needham, MA 12/2/08 (HR 3.1/33)

Wow!! Thank you for your excellent service. I will certainly share your contact information with friends who have fabric needs.

Happy holidays to you and yours, as well.

Chris B. Columbus, IN 12/02/08 (Fabrics)

Its perfect!

The mission chair has a curved back which isn't ideal for my back--so the firmer cushion helps minimize that effect. It feels just right, as Goldilocks says!

Jennifer A. New Haven, CT 11/22/08 (HR 2.7/26 back cushion)

I was so excited to receive the new cushions, want to thank you for your quick response to everything. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Although I have only been able to enjoy the enjoy cushions for 1 day, I am so happy that I went with the better grade of foam, happy with the comfort of the cushions now and with the way they look. It looks like I have a new sofa. I was expecting a much harder time putting the foam back into the cover, but surprisingly it went very smoothly, I can almost say 'they slid right in.

I will be enjoying my afternoon naps now without getting sore hips.

Thank You Again ~~~ Kay C. Sun City West, AZ 11/3/08 (HR3.1/33)

Just wanted you to know everything was a great fit and amazingly comfortable. Well worth the money.

thanks, laura R. Okeechobee, FL 10/24/08 (HR 3.1/33)


I hope I let them "air" long enough---I gave them four hours and they didn't seem like they were getting any bigger. So I put them in the covers and could not BELIEVE how wonderful they felt when I sat down...They are heaven! I am so glad I didn't go the cheap route (like I was going to) and just by foam at the fabric store...I'm going to be spending a lot of time in this chair so longevity is a consideration.

Again thanks again--and thanks (from my tush) for such quick turnaround. The package even arrived a day early!!!!

Jennifer A. New Haven, CT 10/23/08 (HR3.1/33, HR 2.4/18)


Just wanted to let you know we are very pleased with our cushions. I was glad to get them so quickly and my couch looks nice and new not "tired" anymore. Thanks for your help.

Gina F. Little Mountain, SC 10/1/08 (HR3.1/33)

Love the cushions. Thanks for the business cards I will try to send you business in the future!

Robin D. Westmont. IL 9/19/08 (HR 2.8/41)

I got your e-mail the cushions for our love seat and sofa were sent on Thursday and they came Friday. I was surprised how fast we got them. My husband was surprised, they were much easier to "stuff" than he first thought. They are very comfortable and we are looking forward to many more years of use. Thanks for the help with the measurements.

Cora and Ralph L. Elgin, IL 9/16/08 (HR3.1/33)

Hi Joe and Caroline

I received the newborn cushions today and can't begin to tell you how pleased I am. I feel so fortunate that I was able to find you on the web and will recommend your company to all. The quality is the best and the service the fastest. Can YOU believe that I received them today....actually they were in our post office last night but we checked our mail too late to get them out. Four days!!! Amazing!

Best regards, Susan M. Haines, AK 6/17/08 (HR3.1/33)

Hi, I wanted to thank you for the great job you did on the cushion for Sweetiepie’s (Pyrenees dog) couch and for the fast delivery. It was the perfect firmness and she Loved it. I made a set of stairs for her so she could get up on it easier It made her last few weeks a lot more comfortable for her. My wife’s herbal remedies gave her at least an extra 4 years of good health. She was over 98 equivalent years and was very active right up to the end.

She had a stroke and died in our arms at home. She didn’t suffer and we want to thank you again for your care and fast delivery. You can be sure we will spread the word around about how great you people are and the top quality of your products.

Thanks again Paul & Mary Corinth, ME 6/17/08 (HR 2.8/41)

As hard as we try, sometimes everything does not work out perfectly

Hi Joe,

We recieved the cushions, and after letting them expand, gave them a try and they feel great! The taper looks good and doesn't bottom out, so that worked out, too. There was one thing that I was dissapointed with, however. I had requested that the corners of the cushions be rounded to match the original design/cases. The square edges don't fit into the cases properly, and it doesn't look very good.

I'd either like to exchange the cushions for ones with rounded corners, or receive a partial refund, and I can do the extra work myself. I'm a designer, and took some furniture/upholstery classes back in the day so believe I would be able to make the adjustments.

Please let me know what you'd like to do.

Thanks, Jennifer E. Livingston Manor, NY 6/16/08 (HR3.1/33, HR 2.4/18)

>>>>> Reply...

Hi Jennifer:

Thank you for contacting us to let us know that the cushions arrived safely. I am delighted to hear that the taper worked out well and that you are pleased with the firmness of the new cushions. I am so sorry that we forgot about the rounded corners on the cushions for you. I recall that you did mention the rounded corners within your original E-Mail and we have overlooked that feature after the discussions of the foam thicknesses and tapers. We certainly can take the cushions back and cut the rounded corners for you and of course we will credit you for the return shipping charges. Otherwise, if you feel comfortable rounding the corners yourself we would consider offering you a partial refund as you had suggested. What do you feel a fair amount would be for your refund amount?

I will watch for your reply and we look forward to correcting this error in a fair and amicable way to achieve your satisfaction. I will be away from my office until late afternoon today but I will check my E-Mails when I return.

Many Thanks ~~~ Joe

>>>>> Reply ...

Hi Joe,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Your customer service really has been wonderful, and that is hard to come by these days! I think the most practical and least expensive option would be for me to fix the corners myself. The shipping cost to exchange would be over $44, and I can't compress the cushions for shipping, so it would be more difficult to for me to pack everything up and drop off at FedEx, than to make the corner cuts and adjust the dacron wrap. I feel a $20 refund would be a reasonable compromise. Does that sound fair to you?

Thanks, Jennifer


Hi Jennifer: I have issued a partial refund to your paypal account in the amount of $25.00. Once again I am really sorry for having forgot to round off the cushion corners for you and I appreciate that you are willing and able to trim the corners yourself. You are correct that the shipping expense would exceed the $25 I have refunded to your Paypal account not to mention your time and expense to ship them back to us.

We appreciate your business Jennifer and I hope you will enjoy your new cushions. We look forward to hearing from you again in the future if we may be of service to you again and I promise I will try harder to get everything right next time :-)

Many Thanks ~~~ Joe

Dear Joe & Caroline,

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my new sofa cushions. They fit like a glove. With the new cushions (and a good shampooing) my sofa looks BETTER than new.

It was a real pleasure doing business with you!

Sincerely, Ellen M. Roxbury, NY 6/6/08 (HR 3.1/33)


Just want to let you know that we are very, very pleased with the new foam cushions for our sofa. Now we sit up on the cushions instead of down in a hole. What a big and comfortable difference! Thanks for the great fast service, too.

Best regards,

Dick & Judy C. Bell Buckle, TN 3/27/08 (HR 3.1/33)

Thank you very much. I've replaced my old cushions and am very happy with the firmness and comfort of the new ones. I should have asked for a double-wrap as the old cushions did have a thicker dacron layer, but overall the fit is perfect.

Cameron C. Medicine Lk, WA 3/27/08 (HR 3.1/33)

Hi Joe and Caroline,

Once again, thank you so much for expediting my sofa cushion order. I received them on Tuesday, and they turned out great. They are comfortable and fit on the existing sofa very well.

Many Thanks. Beth S. Japan (military Client) 3/27/08 (HR 3.1/33)

The cushions look great...thanks for your help!

Danielle B. Adkins, TX 3/14/08 (HR3.1/33)

Hi Caroline and or Joe,

Just a line to say that I received the high density black neoprene foam. It was in good condition and the color looks just right. I started to fit it into the seat box last night and began some initial shaping.

(NOTE: This seat cushion is for a scale model steam locomotive that John is building)

Many thanks,

John G. Pacific Palisades, CA 3/13/08 (Neoprene seat cushion)

The two of us have used the new cushions the past two evening. The cushion material is what we wanted, we are a satisfied customer. Service was outstanding.

Good thing we found your web site, the information provided there was helpful.

Loren C., Dayton, Mn. 2/7/08 (HR3.1/33)

The cushions are looking great...I am so glad I sent a cover to you for measurement. I NEVER would have gotten a cushion any bigger into the cover! That must be what it's like to fit into a girdle---!! Ha

They will be perfect! I'm taking them to an upholstery shop to sew up and we'll be good to go---Thanks again for your personal help---

Sue R. Harrisburgh, SD 2/1/08 (HR3.1/33)

Dear Mr. Joe & Caroline:

Back on October 5, 2007, I ordered foam (HR 3.1 density/ 33 lb ILD) for my 2-cushion loveseat at a cost of $238 (refer to invoice #4941). The foam cushions have worked as advertised, and my body (particularly my previously aching lower back) thanks to you. I am now prepared to order foam for my 3-cushion sleeper sofa, Similar to what was done with the cushions for the loveseat, the cushions for the sleeper sofa would be “crowned” (i.e., taper cushions to a 5-inch thickness around the perimeter).

Russell M., Dillsburg, PA 1/30/08 (HR3.1/33 crowned cushions)

Thanks. I got the cushion last week and the size is fine. Very nice quality.

Bette C. Saratoga, CA 1/22/08 (HR 3.1/33)


We LOVE the cushions! So far so GREAT (verses good) – if they continue to perform as they have for the past 3-days...we are going to be very happy campers for a long time! The cushions arrived on Wednesday and after letting them “grow” back to shape/form, completed the install (easier than I thought). All I can say is wow – huge difference and most importantly, my measurements were right on the money! Ya know, as a consumer you try to make the smart investment, buying “quality” furniture…thinking its going to last for a good long time…many years of comfortable seating service. After several months of use - the comfort factor slowly slips away…and before you know it, most folks just assume its time to replace the furniture. The irony is, the actual furniture still looks great – it just becomes uncomfortable to sit on. I think many of use overlook “upgrading” their cushions because we are either intimidated by the process or just think all foam is created equal. After looking at your product and comparing it to the old cushions I removed from our furniture, you can visibly see the difference in the quality/density of the foam (and wrap). Bottom line, I’m glad I research this project and stumbled across your website - this is the best choice we’ve made lately! I see more BestFoamCushions in our future. I’ll be in touch.

Cheers, Jim B. Puyallup, WA 1/12/08 (HR 3.1/33)

Joe and Caroline,

Just taking a moment to say thanks for your professional assistance/advice and fantastic service with our foam requirements.

Your foam resulted in the most comfortable cushions we have ever had; and Juan, our upholster, said it is the best he has used in his 25 years of upholstery work. He stated he will be contacting you in the future when ordering his foam.

Your web site was not only informative, but educational and easy to navigate. It allowed me to evaluate foam to meet our requirements as well as compare specifications to other foams available on the market.

I should mention that your ordering, shipping, and billing is extremely efficient...a rarity in today's internet world.

You are extremely credible folks to do business with!!

Keep up the great service...Merry Christmas and blessed holidays.

Gary M. Marietta, GA 12/18/07 (Hr 3.1/33, HR 2.4/18)

Sorry it took me so long to say Thank you. The cushions are great. They fit perfectly and are more comfortable then the ones that came on the sofa when we bought it. I couldn't have bought the foam and tried to cut it myself for less. When I called to order you were pleasant and helpful and the cushions arrived promptly. Keep up the good work.

Diane W. Fredricktown, PA 12/2/07 (HR3.1/33)

Hello Joe & Caroline,

I meant to email you sooner but got involved with other things. I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your cushions. They fit perfectly. Everything worked out just fine and appreciate your help and good service all along the way. Good luck and thank you again.

Sincerely, Susan O. Hoboken, NJ 11/20/07 (HR 3.1/33)

Thank you for the cushions. They have grown to be full size adults and fit our covers perfectly. I was surprised how easy it was to restuff the covers with your new foam. This will give new life to our chairs.

Thanks Kathryn C. Littleton, MA 11/13/07 (HR 3.1/33)

Wanted to let you know the foam cushions are perfect. My daughter can't believe the exact fit...and the fact we did it on the phone. Thanks again and I will definately use you again if I need new cushions.

Connee M. Romulus, MI 11/6/07 (HR 3.1/33)

Received my sofa cushions. I varied the installation slightly. As soon as I opened them I started to insert them before the were fully inflated. This worked real well. All I did was add some additional dacron padding. This worked perfect. I was going to buy a new sofa, but loved the one I have, so nothing seemed to be as good. This was the best solution.

Thank You,

Betty P. Aberdeen, ID 11/5/07 (HR3.1/33)

Dear Caroline and Joe –

Thank you so much for your unparalleled customer service and attention to detail. I had planned for a couple of years to get rid of my sofa – although we paid decent money only a few years ago and the fabric was still quite up-to-date in style (despite one small stain), the sofa just looked old and tired. When I found your site on the Internet, I thought, “That’s just what this sofa needs!” Your estimate based on my measurements was accurate, you kept in touch with me regularly with email, and I had the new cushions within 10 days. The sofa looks almost brand new and is now in my office—I am very grateful.

Thanks. Dina L. Narberth, PA 11/5/07 (HR 3.1/33)


Hi and thanks so much for the help with my cushion order. You did a great job in figuring out what size I needed. I installed them the day after I recv'd them. I really appreciate the quality and look!

Many Thanks, Sandra O. Greenville, TX 10/29/07 (HR 2.8/41)

Hi Joe,

I just wanted you to know that I received my wonderful new cushions today. They're wonderful! And they fit perfectly. My husband said that he felt like he was sitting in first class -- quite a compliment, coming from him! I really appreciate your help. And I wanted you to know that I'm simply delighted!

Thank you!

Jean N. Arlington, VA 10/19/07 (HR3.1/33)

WOW…. Monday before noon I placed a phone order for foam for dining room chair cushions. Tuesday at noon UPS was at my door with the foam. I was so excited and amazed! Thank you for the great service. I will refer you to anyone looking for excellent quality foam products.

Shari S. Brooklyn Park, MN 10/19/07 (HR 2.8/41)

Joe & Caroline,

We received the new cushions on Monday, 10/16/07 and wanted to thank you for the incredibly fast everything. They are great. Our couch feels new again. Actually, it feels better than new.

Fran B. Chicago, IL 10/17/07 (HR3.1/33)

I received my custom made cushions on Friday and just love them. We are all fighting over who gets to sit on the sofa now! Thank you so much.

Beth T. Egg Harbor Twp, NJ 10/14/07 (HR3.1/33)

This note is from Ed and Joanne C. in Forest Lake----we were at your place yesterday (wed) ....Must tell you how amazed were are at the difference the new cushions are from what we had. You folks know your "stuff"ings. This has made a whole new couch for us.


Ed & Joanne C. Forest Lake, MN 10/11/07 (HR3.1/33)

Hi -

I got my cushions today and they're perfect! The medium firm is just exactly right and both the sofa and loveseat feel (and look) brand new! I found Upholstery by Caroline online and felt comfortable talking with you -- but today, my sister-in-law, who picked up my cushions for me, told me how pleasant you were in person and how clean your shop is. Thank you so much! You guys are fast and good and I am thankful! I'll definitely refer folks your way when I can!

Jacque G. Ely, MN 9/25/07 (HR3.1/33)

Hey Joe-

I got the cushions, they look great, thanks.

I’ll send a picture when I get the first (dining) chair together, we’re excited about it.

Steve B. US Military- Congo 9/10/07 (HR2.8/41)


Cushions are great. Thank you!

Sincerely, Monica S., Greendale, WI 9/10/07 (HR 3.1 33)

Dear Upholstery by Caroline,

Thank you so much for your business! We are so happy finding your website as we were thinking of replacing our 17-year old lovely living room set two months ago when we realize the 'only' issue is the cushions. We got our 6 gorgious new seat cushions on the very day it was estimated and love them so much. Joe was very helpful on the phone and the website is clear on the types of cushions. The firmness we pick is perfect for us using the 33 ILD (medium-firm), not too soft or firm, just right! No problem either putting the cushions in using the dacron wrap. Each cushion fit perfectly using our cover measurements from seam to seam. This was a great savings for us in time and money. Its hard to find the right kind of similar furniture to not clash with other household items not to mention the high cost of furniture these days. Thanks again and I'll keep you in mind for others we know in the same situation. I'll note your new website Have a Good Week!

Sincerely, Todd S., Mamassas, VA 8/19/07 (HR3.1/33)

Hi Joe,

My cushions arrived yesterday. I still cannot believe that they all shipped in that one box! I nervously unpacked and sorted the cushions. I was worried about my measurements. When designing the couch and chair I built, if I made a mistake on cutting a board, I simply went back to the pile of wood and cut another board. With the cushions, well, that is a different story. A mistake on the size would definitely be an issue. Well, I am happy to say that my cushions grew to their adult size and fit perfectly! I haven’t made the covers yet, but placed the cushions on the chair and couch and test sat on them. They are very comfortable! I will let you know after we get the covers made and can officially use them.

Thank you again for your excellent product and service.

Charlie W., Wethersfield, CT 8/6/07 (HR3.1/33,HR2.4/18)

This is to let you know that we are very much pleased with the provided service by your company and the quality of your foam. We ordered four seat cushion dacron wrapped and made out of your best "seating foam". Your delivery was expedient and we like the feel of the cushions. We are sitting on them for about three months. The quality is exceptional they are firm and resilient but soft just enough and all our household members like it!

Thank you very much!

Natalya V., Rockville, MD 8/2/07 (HR 3.1/33)


Fantastic service!

From my first email to you last September until now, your attention to detail and service has been at the highest level possible. I cannot imagine better service! You should write an article about your products to the editor of Wood Magazine. I don’t know if you subscribe or not, but they publish plans and procedures for producing many wood products including furniture. I think an article from you explaining the considerations for seating materials would be a huge hit for the readers. I built a dining room table and chair set a couple of years ago and purchased the 2” green foam sold at our local fabric store for the seat cushions. They are too soft and you sink down to the plywood below the cushion when sitting on them. If I only knew then what I know now!

Thank you. Charlie W., Wethersfield, CT 7/31/07 (HR 3.1/33, HR 2.4/18)


The cushions fit perfectly. I am very satisfied with the service that you provided. Isn't the internet great? Can you suggest a safe cleaning method for the cushion fabric? The cushions are used and are very slightly soiled.

Joe W., Linden, PA 7/27/07 (HR3.1/33)

We just received our cushions today. I had to let you know that they could not be more perfect! I will try to remember to send you a photo of the completed project. I'm sure there will be many more projects in our future. Thank you for the courteous service.

Laura C., Rosendale, NY 7/17/07 (HR3.1/33,HR2.4/18)

Joe and Caroline,

I wanted to write to tell you how very pleased I am with the cushions I purchased from you. They have given new life to my sofa, are so very comfortable and arrived last Friday.

Many thanks, and if I ever need cushions in the future, I will definitely be calling upon you again. Thanks, and much success.

Regards, Chris M., El Cajon,CA 7/4/07 (HR3.1/33)

The cushions arrived. I have put them on, and they do make a great difference. Thanks for all your help.

Rose V. Princeton, NJ 6/21/07 (HR 3.1/33 foam)

Subject: BEST is an understatement!

> Hi!

> Just a quick note to say thank you for the miracle! You tamed the beast couch living in our living room.....we now love it!! The cushions you made were absolutely perfect and your website AND telephone reassurances that the "OUR BEST" foam would more than solve our problems was right on target. After serious testing of the product...sitting comfortably for hours enjoying a book,falling asleep comfortably while "watching" the baseball game, I have to say your website was a godsend to find and you are truely experts in the profession!Our couch is BETTER than new, thanks to your expertise! Keep up the good work! I hope everyone with unloveable furniture finds your site!!!!!

William & Marge H. Minocqua, WI 4/20/07 (HR 3.1/33 foam)

Caroline and Joe-

It was so nice doing business with you. Thank You so much! I really like the cushions.

Linda A. Hudson, WI 4/6/07 (HR 3.1/33 foam)

Our RV cushions have grown up nicely!! Thank you for your personable manner and your prompt attention ...we greatly appreciate your wonderful service!

Elizabeth and Steven B. Albuquerque, NM 4/7/07 (HR3.1/33 foam)

Hi Joe,

I don't know if you remember me but I ordered cushions for my boat and you shipped them in February. You guys did a great fob. I have been sewing away like a mad man. I have one more cushion to go.

I do have a question that maybe you can help me out with. I plan to attach decorative buttons to the cushions to give the cushions some debth and I think it will look more professional. I purchased 1 1/8 inch buttons that you can cover yourself from the fabric store. I wanted them to match my fabric but my fabric is too thick and this snap together button system will not work. I think I need something with some teeth. Anyway, as I said the fabric is pretty thick. I searched around a little on the internet but I am getting frustrated. I will need 22 buttons. I was hoping you might have a source, or maybe you sell them? Please let me know. (Yes, we can!)

Thank you so much for your great service. I am hoping to order more cushions. I have a couch and matching chair in my living room that need some major attention. As soon as I finish this boat project I will start measuring them.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely, Marcia L. Douglas, Michigan 4/2/07 (HR 3.1/33 foam)


I just wanted to let you know that I have received the cushions and they look like they will work perfectly. Thank you for all your help! If I have any questions I will be in contact with you!

Thanks again,

Stacey T. Wadena,MN 3/9/07 (Rebond foam for fitness equipt. pads)

Received the cushion today and it fits and sits fine. I was even able to sneak in a little nap before supper when trying it out.

We again thank you for the job well done, as well as the extra effort you take in seeing to a good fit and in communicating with your customers.

We hope that your predicted storm is not too bad.

Wm. & Marianne P. Tucson, AZ 2/24/07 (HR 3.1/33)

AAAAAHHHHH!!! Man what a difference. The lower portion of my body thanks you for the new cushions, they worked out great. Will let people know where to find you.

Thanks, Chuck F., Winfield, WV 2/20/07 (HR 3.1/33)

Hi Joe,

The cushions are great! They are the perfect size and feel great to sit on.

Thank you!

Todd L. Wood Dale, IL 2/19/07 (HR3.1/33)

Hi Joe -

Just wanted to let you know that the dining chair cushions are very nice. We really like them. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. And thanks again for your very thorough explanation on foam cushion quality and then how to put it all together. Am not ready yet to do the other four chairs, but when I am, I'll certainly want to get the cushions from you.

Sincerely, Margaret Walnut Creek, CA 1/22/07 (HR3.1/33)

Hello and thank you for your wonderful cushions. Your website taught me what I needed to know to feel more confident about what to order and your personal feedback sealed the deal for me. The two cushions arrived just three days after I placed the phone order. I let the cushions “breathe” for 24 hours and the fit is fantastic. They are just what I wanted and feel so comfortable. Thanks again for helping us create inviting and comfortable chairs once again.

Sincerely, Linda S. Joliet, IL 1/9/07 (HR 2.7/31)

Hello again!

I finally was able to open the box of cushions you sent me back in December! They are fantastic - I am absolutely thrilled with the way they fit into my old cushion covers! They are comfy as well.

I could tell by the time and effort you put into your website that you were a good company made of good people. I already have 2 people that want your name. Hopefully they will order!

Thanks so much!

Heather S. New Jersey 1/07/07 (HR2.7/31)


Thank you for processing my order for chair cushions. They arrived on Tuesday, January 2. I am very pleased with the quality of the materials you used in the cushions and, especially, your workmanship. I also appreciate your timely response to my order and filling so quickly.

Again, thank you for your excellent service and product.

Stewart H. Freeman, SD 1/06/07 (HR 2.8/41)

Dear Joe & Caroline,

Wanted to let you know now that we are back in Virginia about the foam cushions we got from you. My sister did open the package per your e-mail instructions. She said it was a bit like delivering a baby to see them open and try to escape from the package! Quite a challenge! They were all ready for C'Mas wrapping when we arrived in RI.

Mom loves them! They were very easy to fit inside the couch pillow cover. She no longer sinks in spots and has told us how very comfortable they are. We tried the couch out also and it is a huge difference!

Thank you so much for your help, the timeliness of the delivery, and the quality of your product. We will pass your name & new web site on to anyone interested.

Happy New Year! Fran D.

Fairfax, VA 1/3/07 (HR 2.7/31)


I got my 2 sofa cushion foams yesterday. Gave them a day to expand. Put the covers on them this evening and have been sitting on them awhile. You were right, this was the best choice for the firmness of my sofa. My husband and I are loving them! You provided excellant advice in your email price quote, and gave me the best foam for my needs. I am very happy with your service and customer care!

Thank you!!

Linda P.

San Leandro, Ca 12/30/06

Hello, It was quite a surprise to have the cushions arrive the day after I placed the order. I thought it would be easier to install them before they fully expanded but when I cut open the plastic wrap they popped right open to full size. It still wasn't difficult to install them into the covers and they fit very well.

I am still not use to the firmness when I sit after having that sinking feeling for so long. Now if they will only last 20 years that would be great.

Thanks for the excellent service, James S.C. 12/14/06 Zimmerman, MN

Hello Joe

Just want to say I am VERY PLEASED with these cushions!!!!! The support I get. My wife even likes them ThankYou

Also if you are having another sale when the wrap for the cushions is free email me with the price for the remaining 3 cushions (They are the same size as the love seat cushions) I will order those too.

Thanks again Michael P. 10/14/06 Buffalo Grove, IL

Cushions arrived yesterday. I wasn't here to open them and watch them go whoosh!, a minor dissapointment. I just finished stuffing them in their covers; you even repaired the frayed seam ! They look great and are very comfortable.

Thank you,

Tiffany H. 8/30/06 Wichita Falls, TX


I received the cushions and pad today. They fit great. Thanks for suggesting a pad for between the spring and chair pad. It makes sitting very comfortable. I will send a picture of the chair when completed.

Many thanks,

Karen 8/26/06 Aberdeen, MD

Hi Joe and Caroline,

Just a quick note to let you know that I received my two cushions at the time promised by UPS. I appreciate your getting them prepared and shipped so quickly after I ordered them. I have had them for about a week now.

The cut and the Dacron wrapping were both perfect. I would encourage anyone to have the foam Dacron wrapped. Your foam is indeed superior to the original Lazy Boy foam and I am enjoying my chair once again.

I definitely expect to be doing business with you in the future, when my couch needs its cushions replaced.

My special thanks to Caroline for her suggestion to go to the 5" foam instead of the 4" plus (due to the way that the original cushions were wrapped) that was originally used. They fit perfectly into the cases.

I hope that your business grows and I will recommend you to anyone who needs foam cushions. Your personal touches are much appreciated.

Take care,

Ken M. Tunkhannock, PA 8/18/06

Good afternoon, Joe.

Just wanted to let you know the cushions arrived just when you said they would and they were just perfect. They plumped up within a couple of hours and my son and his wife are absolutely thrilled--they feel like they have a new sofa. I can't thank you enough for all your help with my order and all the information you supplied. It was a pleasure doing business with someone who cares about their potential customers and does exactly what they say they will. I will save your new website so if I need to order again (or any of my friends), I can contact you again.

Thanks again and God bless you.

Betty F.

Goldsboro, NC 8/7/06

Dear Joe,

The glider rocker chair cushions arrived today. I thank you for the extra arm padding, that was very nice of you to include it. Also thank you for returning the patterns. We are looking forward to a comfy glider rocker to have when we are baby sitting the grandchildren.

It was a pleasure to do business with you. I appreciated the courteous prompt service and all your help.

Sincerely, Eileen Y.

Okemos, MI 7/27/06




Bedford, PA 7/24/06

Hi Joe, the cushions arrived yesterday and we stuffed them this morning. Our first impressions is “Oh my gosh, why didn’t we do this sooner.” There is so much of a difference. We are so excited and can now enjoy our sofa again.

Many thanks. Vici

Humble, TX 7/08/06

hey, Joe !!

Thanks for the terrific communications & service. I very much appreciate having knowledge of status & subsequent comfort & peace of mind. Good communication is very, very essential to successful relationships, be they professional or personal. Sad that so many others don't realize this or assume the responsibility. You are a splendid person to know & work with. My sincere thanks & applause!


Ron in PIR SD 7/3/06

Received the cushions and was impressed with the accurate cut and material. Took me awhile to cover since it was on the job training but did get the job done and it looks very nice and much more comfortable. You have been great, Thanks!

Ed L., Jr. St. Louis, MO 5/22/06

Hi Caroline and Joe,

Just a note to let you know that we rec'd the cushions and we put them in this morning. We let them sit out all day yesterday. They really feel good and my husband Chip said, he hoped they will feel the same way ten years from now. So do I. We are really pleased with them and if anything should go wrong, we will get in touch with you...Thank you again.


Judy B. Disney, OK 4/20/06

Good morning Joe,

I wanted to test the cushion I bought from you for a while before I gave you a satisfaction rating. As it takes a short while for cushions to bottom out, but not long as the first (original) one only took about 2 months maybe 3. Well the test results are in and I think that the cushions are going to be just fine and seem to be holding up under the pressure. As to doing the Dacron wrap myself and cutting the cushions was not a big deal. The hardest part was putting the cushions back in the cover. In the end thanks for your time and effort.

Phil A. Samson, AL 4/17/06

Dear Caroline and Joe,

Your business is to be commended. Not only was the web-site instructional, but you were so pleasant and patient on the phone guiding me through the density decision. The cushions arrived in record time. Before I came up with the idea of adding some extra depth to the back cushions, anyone under 5'8" would not be a happy sitter. The extra 2" for the back cushions solved the problem perfectly. Since it's a leather couch, you can't even tell there's an extra foam square in each cushion.

Thank you! Jan C. Jackson, WY 3/29/06

Hi Joe and Caroline,

We received our custom cushions about 1 1/2 weeks ago. We love them! As soon as we put our sofa covers on them and my husband sat down he said "100% better". They look so great from the front edge - and are very comfortable!

We were really pleased with your customer service as well. You communicated through email very efficiently. And we were surprised how quickly our cushions were made and delivered.

Thanks again,

Jean H. Boiling Springs, PA 1/26/06

Dear Joe,

I have replaced the seat foam with the section you sent me. I am using the chair as I write this to you, and I am pleased with the change. This is way better than before. The medium firm rating was a good choice and there was a liner under the surface of the vinyl seat cover.

The change took about an hour including removal of the entire seat and re-assembly. thanks for the help and advice!

bruce h. Macedon, NY 1/21/06

Hey, Joe!

Well, FEELING is believing! My husband was so impressed with the new cushions on the Loveseat, that he says go ahead and order the other FOUR!

So, I need FOUR more, same size and everything!

Thank you so much!

Bernadette P. Gillette, WY 12/23/05


We were gone for the holiday so this is my first chance to tell you that we just love our sofa cushions. They fit perfect and they are wonderful to sit and sleep on since we do both with our sofa. Thank you for all your help with measuring and answering all my questions. I will tell anyone who needs any kind of foam to check you out first, I'm glad I did!!!!

Thanks again, Mary-Ann P. Connecticut 11/29/05

Will wonders never cease! We finished the dining room chairs yesterday!!! They came out fine. It was work but your help made it a lot easier. Finished them with Scotchgard. The K-Grip works great. Found a couple of other uses for it too. I never realized that our chairs had been uncomfortable. I don't weigh as much as my husband and son and they never complained about hitting the board before. The cushion you recommended makes the chairs very comfortable.


Joyce and Gene Walnut Creek, CA 11/3/05

Dear Joe:

I'd to to thank you for your great advice, prompt service, and wonderful product. We received the cushions this weekend. Because we followed the very helpful and detailed instructions you provide on your website and personal emails, they fit perfectly and solved the problem. Your recommended foam is the way to go. Our newish loveseat and chair are now better than new.


Steve S. Cambridge, MA 10/27/05

Hey there,

I got the cushions today, I installed them, Fit like a glove, Very comfortable.

Thanks Wayne C. Cranston, RI 10/19/05

My cushion is great! Thank you so much. I will recommend you to all my friends and family!

Jan P.- St. Louis, MO 9/25/05

Thanks - the cushions arrived yesterday and are the firmness I have been looking for. What a great find! Thanks for the business cards - I will surely pass them on.

Pat H. Bloomingville, OH 9/15/05

Hi Joe,

I wanted to let you know that I received the cushions and changed them out this morning. They look and feel great - just like new! Again, I am so happy that I found your web site. Your knowledge and quick response have been very much appreciated and I will definitely refer my friends to you.

Bev W. San Jose, CA 7/24/05


Our new seat cushion was received yesterday, (Saturday) and returned to full size very quickly. Your service was extraordinary, including your rapid response, shipment and quality of the cushion.

The foam was excellent and firm enough that it will probably last our lifetime. We have covered it and our bench has become a focal point of the room. I might add that it is extremely comfortable.

We have limited experience ordering through the internet but this was such a positive one, that we would recommend it to our friends.

Thank you,

Frances P. Brooklyn, NY 6/12/05


Well my new cushions arrived and I followed the directions to a T. I have removed and replaced the new foam and I am so thrilled!.... My family said the chairs feel as good as they did the day we bought them! I feel much taller when I am sitting now and I do not have to shift from one side to another to get comfortable. I should have done this a long time ago. I am also glad I found your web site after searching and searching many sites. For some reason your web site impressed me the most and I am glad I chose your company! The quality is excellent and I am sure they will last even longer than the original foam. Thank you so much!

Totally satisfied in Tacoma! :0)

Dianne Tacoma, WA 6/6/05

Your cushions are awesome, they fit perfect. Its like our sofa is brand new again! The HR 3.1 foam is better than the original, my back is happy happy. Now my wife and I fight over who gets to sleep on the sofa. Thanks so much for making it easy for us.

Bob and Amy M. Pittsfield, MA 5/30/05

Just wanted to let you know the cushions we bought are terrific. A lot less back and leg trouble. Thanks very much.

Jim S. San Jose, CA 4/13/05

Hi Joe and Caroline,

I received my cushions and had about two weeks to try the out, they are the BEST! I love them, so comfortable. I will be ordering two more for my loveseat! Great Job! Send my Kudos to all involved.

Tracy M. Fairfield, CA 4/2/05

Hi Joe,

Just thought I'd drop you a line and tell you how pleased my wife and I are w/ the new cushions. The furniture is better than new. It offers the support that it has been lacking for awhile, the original cushion foam was 9 years old. There is a slight problem for my spouse, she's under 5' tall and her feet no longer touch the floor when she sits on the sofa or the loveseat, she'll adjust. Again, thanks for the great service and explaining your product in such good detail. If any of our friends or relatives need replacement foam in the future we'll be sure to give them your name.

Vic G. Akron, OH 3/21/05

Hi Joe, I wanted to tell you how much we are enjoying our cushions. It's like having a brand new sofa. I am very glad that you took the time to make a wonderful web site, informative, and easy to navigate. The whole experience of seeking information and finding you has certainly been great. I'm telling everyone I know.

Thank you again, Connie and Tommy H., Mansfield, Ga. 3/14/05

Hi Joe.

The cushions arrived and are perfect! I was a bit concerned about the size, etc since I physicaly did not see the product. The cushions arrived very very fast, your communications was great and now my sofa is "alive" and well. I am looking forward to being in the doghouse so I can spend the night on my couch!

For anyone concerned about the price, your product is well worth the investment and also the dacron covering was great since it is a tight fit. I fought hard to get my old cushions out(without dacron covering) and my new cushions slipped in without trouble.

Thanks Joe and did good!

clark h. 2/12/05

Hi Joe.

Just wanted you to know I got the cushions and they are perfect! I washed the covers yesterday and put in the cushions while the material was damp & everything worked like they were custom make. Thanks very much for your help, fast service & professionalism. It was really a pleasure doing business with your company.

Sue K. 1/27/05

> Hi Joe,

> > It was such a surprise when my new cushions were delivered on Saturday. > Even though they arrived way ahead of the due date it doesn't seem to have > harmed them any. They grew to full, adult size in a snap. > > The cushions are exactly the size I ordered, they're firm and comfortable. > You couldn't have been more patient and informative in helping me with the > measurements. I wouldn't hesitate to contact you for cushions again.

Pat D. 12/23/04

Recieved cushions ,unpacked and allowed to resuscitate. They are the right size and rejuvinated the appearance of the sofa. I would recommend your site to any that ask. Service was great and as advertised. Thank you for a satisfying shopping expierence.

Norman J. 11/8/04

Thanks Joe, You have been a great help and I will pass along your business to my friends....not only are you prompt, helpful and friendly, I have gotten an education on seat cushions.........Enjoy your day too Joe....:)

Thanks again, Gayle Burr Ridge, IL 10/5/04

FOLLOW-UP E-Mail of 10/8/04:

Just a quick note Joe to let you know that my new cushion arrived yesterday and I am so thrillled with the quality and fit that it feels like a brand new sofa...:) It was a pleasure doing business with you and I will certainly be looking for other opportunities to use your services. I was lucky to have stumble across your business on the internet and I will pass my good fortune onto my friends and family. Thank you, I can now have my daughter's potential in-laws over and not worry about whomever is on the middle seat cushion having the person next to them seated on their lap! Have a wonderful day and "thanks" again.

Sincerely, Gayle S.


Our new cushions arrived Saturday. I was impressed all around, from packaging to workmanship. They are superbly comfortable! It is like sitting on a new couch! My compliments also to whoever designed your web site. I spent a lot of time researching this, and found your site to be the most informative. I will certainly contact you again for future needs.

Thank you,

Tim S. Washington D.C. 10/5/04

Hi Joe & Caroline!

I finally finished the cushions for my grandfather's arm chair! Wow, what a job. I have even MORE respect for anyone who does this for a living! What a brain strainer! I sure learned alot, but I'm glad to have it done. (And that'll be it for my unholstery career! ha!)

I now can see some things I should've done differently. The seat cushion should've come out further. And I shouldn't have used cotton duck for the zipper end on the back cushion because it shows a bit at the bottom. My biggest challenge, though were the corners. Those were tough.

Again, I want to thank you for all your help and information. It really helped alot. If I ever need foam again (kick me if I do!), or if anyone I know needs to know where to get some, I'll definitely send them your way.


-Jean B. 8/29/04

The little babies (seat cushions) arrived yesterday, and once unbundled, quickly grew to their adult size. Wow... the first naughty cushion kicked up a big fuss and tried to wear its new clothes with the seams twisted but eventually settled down. The other two were nice and docile.

Just so you know - I'm very pleased.

Rosamond 8/29/04

I want you to know how pleased that I am with my order! It arrived on Friday and we were eager to open the packages and see these cushions. We "installed" them on Saturday and my furniture looks brand new! I just want you to know that I am eager to get to my other house and order cushions for the sofa and love seat and to share your location with anyone I know.

Thank you for the great service and fantastic merchandise.

Patricia B. 8/24/04

Hi Caroline & Joe!

Your cushions arrived today, and I'm happy to report that they fit PERFECTLY on the chair!!

Thanks, so much, you guys. You have a wonderful service.

-Jean B. 7/29/04

The chemical smell has disappeared, the new cushions have been placed into the covers, look like brand new chairs, and I am enjoying immensely sitting on them. If you ever want a reference on the quality of your product, the promptness of your filling the order and the courtesy with which you have handled this, feel free to use my name.

I don't make endorsements of any kind unless I am absolutely convinced. This is probably the second one I have ever made and I believe in both products I commented on and the people who brought those products to me.

M.Y.A. K. 7/26/04

Hi Joe,

The cushion arrived, we installed it and I cannot believe the difference, it is now a chair that I can sit in without pain and constant twitching. Thanks for your guidance and help, we will be back to you with more" seat " saving help.


Frank and Marie M. 6/7/04

Hello Joe,

I just wanted to report to you that I DO LOVE the new cushion insides that I ordered from you. It is again a pleasure to sit in the living room, and I've had two sets of guests for dinner since getting the new cushions and we've all been comfortable sitting and chatting on the seemingly brand-new living furniture. Your service was excellent and the cushions are perfect.

I even got the front edges of the bottom cushions and the tops of the back cushions to be rounded by using a little extra dacron stuffing material that I already had. Thank you so much for your great service and product.

Carol R. 4/5/04

We had ordered four high density cushions from you folks and I just wanted to let you know we received them yesturday and they are SUPER !!! They replace some very low density ones that are only two years old and we were very disappointed in the quality .. we found your website and placed an order w/Joe.THANK YOU VERYYYYY VERYYY MUCH !!!

Forgot to mention tht my back ( ah... the ageing of the ol body eh ???!!) ALREADY knows these cushions will help me sit longer than FIFTEEN MINUTES on them !!!!!! In fact, the minute I opened the package and FELT them I KNEW this would be the case !!!!! Our cats already love em to so that IS a good sign if ever I saw one !! SO glad we found your website !!!!! Thx again !!!

Gary & Karen W. 3/19/04

Joe, All arrived in good order, and I have been re-upholstering the chairs one by one (finished the 4th one tonight). No complaints on service; the foam you recommended is excellent. Now I can see why it is more expensive than this other junk I was looking at. The difference between the old and new cushions is night and day!

Paul M. 3/12/04

I recently ordered a cushion from you for our LazyBoy sofa. It is perfect. I would now like to order 2 more of the same. Please charge them to the same Visa card. I hope you still have all of this information on file. If not, let me know.

Russ C. 3/3/04


Just wanted to drop a line to tell you that we're very satisfied with the new sofa cushions. Our sofa had been reborn from its old lifeless form to its new lively and very comfortable form. We had moved it from Ohio to our winter home in Florida and then slipcovered the plaid with a floral print. The new cushions definitely help its transformation and will give us years of service, I'm sure.

Thank you for all of your help,

Karin and Chuck O. 3/2/04

Hi, Joe.

After a few weeks of usage of the new cushions I wanted to give you a little feedback. We love them! The quality and care that went into their manufacture is very evident. I was very impressed by the amount of support you gave me prior to the sale, and to the expeditious and efficient manner in which you filled our order and returned the finished cushions to us. Thanks for a job well done.

Sincerely, Peter S. , Ph. D. 2/25/04

We received the cushions on Saturday and our first impression is that they're great. Very comfortable. We're happy to have done business with you and hope that we were able to add another state to your list.

Jim P. 2/24/04

The cushions arrived today just as you said. I've unwrapped them and put them in place. They are wonderful so far but will let you know after I've taken a nap on them and have spent a day curled up on the sofa reading a good book just HOW wonderful they are. This has been absolutely the most pleasant shopping experience that I have ever had. I will certainly recommend your services to anyone who asks. Please feel free to use me as a reference for others who may want some reassurance before purchasing. Tomorrow I'll measure them for fabric although I'm still fabric shopping. I went to the Greenhouse Web site but wasn't able to really look. They give books but I couldn't look inside the books to see what did exist there. I'll keep trying. This is one of those "I'll know it when I see it." Thanks again for not only your service but your communication during the process.

Jean G. 1/23/04


The cushions arrived on December 19 as promised. My cats were quite startled when the cushions came to life after we opened the bag!!

They are wonderful. My husband and I both think the quality and the firmness are just what we wanted. Our couch has new life!

Thank you so much for answering all my questions prior to us making the order, your very timely service, and the followup information via e-mail to let me know the cushions were on the way to Wyoming.

Penny 12/29/03


Hi, Sorry I haven't sent a reply email, We did receive the cushion's and they fit perfectly. There is a day & nite difference to what we had. Unbelievable the sofa, and chair cushions they feel like a completely different sofa & chair. Thank You. It's amazing a cushion could make such a difference. You did what you said you were going to do. The cushion's are great, and you delivered what, & when you promised. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to a friend.

Thanks Again,

Gregory D. 12/27/03

Hi Joe,

I've attached pics of my recovered dining room chairs - I thought you'd like to see the results (remember, it's my first time!). I wish I had taken a picture before I began; what a difference; AND more importantly, they are sooooooo comfortable on the toosh! I want to thank you again for your very kind assistance -


Kathleen G. 12/04/03

Hello Joe,

We received our cushions on Monday and we are very pleased. Thanks so much.

J Margaret 12/04/03

Hi Joe,

The cushions arrived safe and sound and have expanded to their full glory! All is well.

Thank you so much for the cushions and for being so easy to work with. Please feel free to use me as a reference for any new customers.

I have not yet covered any of the cushions but I am using them and they are just wonderful!

Thank you,

Cathy 10/16/03

Hi Joe,

Wanted to drop you a note to let you know I received the cushions today and they are AWESOME!!! I'm glad I took your advice and went with the more dense foam - the difference is remarkable. I can't thank you enough for your exceptional service. It's obvious that you care about what you do and the people you work with. I will be in touch again to have new cushions made for the backs of the sofa and chairs, as I learned when taking them apart today that they have no foam in them, just stuffing. So, you can only imagine how nice they look.... : )

Thanks again, you saved me so much money! I was ready to spend a couple thousand dollars on new furniture and you made my existing stuff better-than-new for just a few hundred. I can't thank you enough!

Holly 10/15/03


I 'm terribly Sorry I didn't reply earlier. I changed foam cushion over on Saturday morning and they are PERFECT.

My heartfelt Thanx for a wonderful job done. I have no hesitation in recommending your services to my friends.

Good Luck with everything you do.

Cheers, Sheena 10/15/03

Hi Joe,

Your product excellence is only exceeded by your service! This has been a great experience. If you ever need a reference, please feel free to give my name.

The cushions were for a leather and fabric sofa. I adored everything about this sofa except the too-soft seating. Now I adore everything about it. More importantly, sitting on it no longer jeopardizes the spinal column.

Thank you again. It has truly been a pleasure doing business with you.

Holly N. 8/8/03


We have at last finished all the dining room seat cushions and had opportunity to use them. Boy are they comfortable! They are everything your site suggested they would be.

We really appreciate doing business with you and thank you for building such a wonderful and informative web site. We hope that it brings many good customers your way. We will certainly recommend you to anyone we know in need of your work. God bless you.

Joanne 10/07/03


I've been meaning to e-mail you and let you know that the cushions you made for my dining room chairs were terrific. We finished re-covering all 6 and they look brand new instead of 65 years old! Thank you so much, I will definitely refer my friends & family to you if they need cushions!

Renee H. 9/18/03


Cushions arrived and were PERFECT. I could ask for anything better. I finished the chairs today, and everyone thinks they look great, but the best part is how well they hold up when sitting on them. You guys did a great job, made working with you on the internet a breeze. I was really impressed with your quick replies to my many emails, which made me feel very confident in doing business with you from far away California.

Thanks and good luck for the future.

Ray and Liz 9/16/03 <


Thank you for my sofa cushion foam & pillow order. They worked out great! I have an additional problem I thought I might bounce off of you -- I found some upholstery fabric that I am interested in (but the store refuses to give out the manufacturer, pattern, etc). Is there any way you might take a look at it (via a digital email photo?) and see if you know the manufacturer? I do have a fabric sample. THANKS for your time. I look forward to your response.

Sincerely, Denise C. 9/15/03

Hi Joe,

Thanks for the consideration on the foam. You cut a piece exactly the size I needed and didn't charge me extra for it. I really appreciate the personal service. I'll recommend you to my musician friends who have similar foam needs.

Thanks again, John 8/21/03

Just wanted to let you know we received the cushion form yesterday in the mail. It is exactly what we wanted and it will bring a very old, much loved, family heirloom back to life. We thank you for that.


William and Kayleigh D. 7/31/03

Just wanted to tell you the foam worked out great. I also wanted you to see them. The grand kids love them. Thank you very much for your help.

Henry L., Lincoln, NE 7/13/03

Just wanted to let you know we finally stuffed these babies (sofa cushions), and they are perfect. Thank you very much for your advice and the order being filled so quickly.

Mary F. 6/12/03


I just want to say the cushions were just great. I never realized what a different they would make. Of course my wife, the thrift store shopper, thought the cost was a lot. But I told her she couldn't buy a new couch for that. I feel however that the cost was ok. On the back is a foam filled. Do you think I could make a cushion for it or should I try refilling it with foam. I sent you a picture to look at. Again thank a lot. To me they were worth every penny.

Max S. 5/24/03

Received the cushions, and they are superb. Thanks for your services.

Lee 5/18/03

Thank you so much for your efforts - the cushions are great!!!!!

Jackie 4/25/03

Wow! The cushions are just wonderful, and the foam is fantastic. The pattern is matched so perfectly on the cushions, I don't think I could have come close to the quality that you gave us. Here is a quick digital picture, the quality isn't great, but it does show the entire couch. I will send a real picture when they are developed, but I wanted to get a quick picture off to you, now that it is finally done! Thank you so much - when we get going on the matching chairs, we'll be emailing again. Of course, don't expect an email really soon... these things take a looooong time!

Milan & Dina 4/7/03

Hi Joe:

I received the cushions on Friday. You did a great job, I'm so pleased! My husband is pretty impressed. Thanks for all your help. What a difference good cushions make, they are so comfotable.

Thanks so very much, Lisa 4/7/03


I received my cushion today, and am very very pleased. It has been unwrapped and fits into my cover perfectly!

Thank you for doing such a great job on my "new" 40-year old couch!

Marilyn 3/25/03

Hi Joe, Just wanted you to know that the cushions arrived in fine shape. I put one cushion on the couch and it made a major difference. I still have to complete the packing of the kitchen chair cushions for the next job. Hopefully, I'll get them out Saturday or Monday. Thanks for your great service.

Ron 3/21/03

I received my seat cushions on Friday. They are really comfortable. Thanks for responding to all of my questions so promptly and in great detail. I look forward to doing business with you in the future and I will be recommending you to my friends and family.

Nicola Edwards 3/3/03

I received the foam inserts for my sofa today when I got home from work, and jumped immediately into replacing the old ones. ( Wanted to do that before they fully inflated!) I was amazed at the difference!! I got a workout getting them in place, but they fit perfectly, and I just can't believe how comfortable they are. I have a BIG SMILE when I sit on my sofa, now. It is amazing how something so seemingly small can bring such a big change.

This was a really easy exchange to make, the price was reasonable, and the information you provided on your web page was very instrumental in making the decision to go forward with this. Thank you for providing this service on the internet. It has been a pleasure. I will certainly recommend you to others in the future. Best wishes for a happy and prosperous new year.

Carol 1/3/03

The cushions arrived today and they are wonderful. They will make such a significant comfort improvement on the chairs I'm redoing. Thanks again for all your advice.Now I am inspired to try to complete my project by Christmas. I will send you picture of the finished product.

Thanks again and have a wonderful holiday season!

Christina 12/12/02

Dear Joe, I have just authorized PayPal to pay $174, $165 for the cushions + $9 for 3 yds of the dust cloth material.

Thank you for your exceptional customer help. I never considered comparison shopping because you offered such good information, even anticipating questions that I hadn’t thought to ask. I trust the decisions I’m making in the purchase. My project will be better as a result of your help.

Carolyn 11/27/02

Hello! My cushions arrived yesterday in perfect condition, and they are now fulfilling their role as new seats on a well-used sofa. Thank you so much for your speedy work - we are having a party next week, and I'm happy people won't be falling into the springs.

Thanks again,

Julie I. 11/27/02


Received the cushions and installed them. They seem to fit fine and make a world of difference. The old cushions were definitely shot. I think we can get a few more good years out of the couches now.

Thanks, JIM 11/22/02

Dear Joe, I wanted to send you a photo of the couch that we made with the fabulous foam cushions you made for us!! The seat is amazingly comfortable--in fact my mother-in-law came down for a few days and slept on the couch--and she wished her bed were so comfortable! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Thanks again for all your help!!

Jenny M. 11/14/02

Hi Joe,

The cushions arrived yesterday and are perfect. We had quite a job getting them into the covers, as the zippers do not extend the whole length of the covers, but we did it. I am attaching before and after pictures so you can have a good laugh at the fact that I even tried to do anything for this couch! My son is probably going to have a fit when he gets home at Thanksgiving, but he'll get over it. :-) I now have a garbage bag full of polyester fill in case I want to get crafty and make some stuffed animals or something! Happy holidays to you and Caroline and many thanks for a job well done.

Peggy 11/11/02

Dear Joe & Carolyn: I received my sofa cushions last week and they are perfect. Thanks for keeping me informed about what was going on with them, it really kept my mind at ease. I will be ordering cushions for my chairs as soon as my slipcovers arrive. Thank you very much for your hard work,

KIM 10/16/02

Hi, I received the Rebond foam and installed it with a minimum of hassle. That stuff is really dense! I had no idea foam could be that firm. It is totally different from the insubstantial polyurethane that came as original equipment. Even at just 1 1/4" it shows no sign of bottoming out, while the OEM stuff bottomed out the first time I used it. Thank you again for your invaluable help!

Irwin 10/13/02

Thank you very much for the excellent service. It's been a pleasure doing business with you and I hope there will be many more opportunities to do so in the future. I'll do my best to pass the word about your foam and upholstery shop.

Irwin 10/2/02

Hi. Sorry not getting back to you sooner. Cushions did get here promptly and I am very satisfied with your quality.

Thanks. Todd 8/15/02

Sorry for the delay, but we didn't get to the project right away. We love the new cushions, and I couldn't believe the difference new foam could make in dining room chairs. The covers were still good, so all we changed was the foam and that alone turned limp, saggy chairs into proud, plump, perky ones. They not only look good, but they feel good, too.

Changing the foam was much more of a project than we anticipated (that's always the case, isn't it?). Some of the frame screws had been wood puttied over, so that was our first chore. Then the covering was attached to the plywood bottom with at least a zillion staples per chair. As we had added the dacron to each cushion, that made them a tad larger than the old ones, so I sewed a row of quilt binding bias tape to the edges of each cushion over and that added just enough width to make them fit fine. Our staple gun was no match for the plywood bottoms, so we ended up using carpet tacks (the flat ones) to attach the covering to the bottom. Took some doing, but worked fine. We have two chairs finished, two ready to tack and two more to go.

Using your wonderful foam, I wouldn't hesitate to do another similar project. Thanks for all your help.

We are having a wonderful summer. Reno's climate is dry, dusty, hot and is also wonderful and we love living here.

Hope your business and your summer are both going well.

Val B. 8/4/02

Dear Joe,

Many thanks for sending the cushions--we are looking forward to getting them! We still have to find fabric, which is very hard as Brent and I can't agree on anything! So when the cushions arrive, I think they will have a few days to air out! But I will send a photo and let you see how the couch came out!!

Many thanks again for all your help!

Jenny 7/28/02

Hi guys.

Lookin' forward to getting them so I can start the project. And after seeing your stuff and talking with you, I'm not even worried about the quality. I know it will be good. (interesting about sucking the air out of the foam for shipping). Will be in touch.

Thanks, Todd 7/5/02

Joe and Caroline,

Received my mattress yesterday. Thanks so much for the great service. It's outside right now inflating and by the end of the weekend I'll have it covered and being used. Thanks for putting up with the lengthy amount of time from beginning to end. If I have further upholstery needs, you'll be my first call.

Laura 7/4/02

I just wanted to tell you that we have had your cushions for about a month and we love them. They were everything you promised. Thanks

Major Barbara J. Henning 6/29/02


I'd like to thank you for educating me about foam cushions. I've received my new cushions and they have made such a difference. They have restored the look and sitting comfort of an old convertible couch. I''ve told my sister about them and I'm waiting for her to visit and see for herself. With my new slipcover and throw pillows the couch looks wonderful.

Thanks, Max 6/27/02

You are wonderful! I have been trying to get help/advice on this project for over a year. Thanks so much. I'm going to order by mail in a week or so, because I won't get to this for several months unless it rains all summer!

By the way, my parents had a metal glider, too...wish we had one! The sofa I have is wooden maple frame and very sturdy!

Thanks again for your advice, I'll print out the email to send with the check. I will pass your websit along.

Jane P. 6/14/02

The foam arrived yesterday in good shape, (now waiting for the fabric) thanks for the cushions and the pattern, hope to send a picture.

Thanks again, Betty 6/8/02

Thanks you for the information. I expect to really enjoy your product and will recommend your company to my friends. I am very impressed with your informative web site, quick e-mail price quote, information letting me know when the order was shipped and letting me know what to expect.

Thanks, Barb 6/4/02

I just wanted you to know that my mother absolutely loved the chairs! I think it's the best mother's day gift we ever gave her. Thank you so much for all of your help.

Thank you so much! Camie J. 5/21/02

Joe and Caroline,

Thank you for the fine work on my three cushion inserts. I didn't realize how bad the originals looked until I put the new ones on. I would like a quote for two more for my matching sofa.

Howard S. 4/30/02

The cushion arrived in good order and looks great. Thanks for your help.

Karen 4/8/02




SANDRA D. 4/3/02

The material and instructions you provided were excellent. I used a sharp model knife to cut the foam and it worked OK. The new cushions work great. Thank you again for your help.

Russ & Betty 2/28/02


The foam arrived today and looks like it will do the job fine.

Thanks, Gordon 12/27/01

Hi Guys,

Our Foam arrived this evening and all looks great ! Have them both unwrapped and "resting" out in the Arizona room - many many thanks for quick / accurate response to our request: Truly hope you and yours have a very prospers and happy holidays !!

Freddie and Nancy 12/4/01