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You may contact us via telephone @ 651-437-5513 (Mon-Thurs., 8AM – 4:30PM) or via E-Mail ( for assistance with your furniture cushion needs. We respond to our E-Mails promptly and make every attempt to reply to your inquiry within a few hours. If you prefer to call us, we are generally in the shop Monday - Thursday from 8AM-4:30PM (Minnesota time). If we are away from the shop during business hours we are likely making a delivery or with a client. Please leave us a message and we will return your call ASAP or try your call again at another time and accept our apologies for your inconvenience.

For a price Quote for "Custom-Made" foam cushions

Foam cushions come in many different sizes, thicknesses, shapes and ILD/Density ratings. In order for us to provide you with a price quote for the most appropriate foam for your needs, we will need to know some specific information as detailed below.

For a preliminary estimate, we will require measurements of your existing cushion (thickness, depth, width) at their widest points. For instance, if your cushion is a chair cushion with "ears" on both sides of the front, you should measure the width at the very front of the cushion. Also note that some cushions which seem pretty square, are in fact, a little wider at the front than at the back. With your measurements we will be able to quote you a price. If you decide to proceed with your foam cushion order, we will inquire about more exact measurements of all sides of your cushion(s).

We recommend that you take your cushion measurements from your cushion cover rather than the existing foam cushion for the best fit of your new foam cushions to your cushion covers. Measure the cushion from "seam to seam" for all measurements. Because of the high density of our foam materials it is not necessary or recommended to order your new foam cushions larger than the actual dimensions of your cushion covers.

To double check your cushion measurements it is a good idea to measure the overall length (side to side) of your chair seat base. How does this measurement compare to the length of your cushion or the combined length of all of the seat cushions? The same method may be used to double check the width (front to back) of your chair seat base.

Before you order your new foam cushions we strongly recommend that you double and triple check your cushion dimensions and be sure you provide us with ALL of the specific measurements and cushion details that will help us replicate the size and shape of your cushions. If this cannot easily be done, you can send us a paper pattern that depicts the exact shape and size of your cushions and we will use your pattern as a template for cutting your new cushions. Custom cut foam cushions cannot be reused or resold so they are not returnable if incorrect or incomplete measurements are provided to us.

Please provide us with the following information when inquiring about a quote for your replacement foam cushion needs:

**Your shipping address (City, State).

**Type of cushion (ie: sofa, dining chair, window seat).

**Will cushion be used as a SEAT or BACK cushion?

**How many of each size/type cushion are needed?

**Thickness of cushion(s) at cushion cover boxing. (see note below)

**Are the cushions thicker at the center of the cushion? Crowned Cushions How Thick?

** What is the overall thickness of your cushion(s)? (see note below)

**How thick is the existing foam cushion inside of your cushion cover(s)?

**Does your existing cushions have a dacron wrap? How thick is the dacron?

**Preferred foam type or firmness preference (ie: firm, medium-firm, medium, soft)

**Length (side to side) and Width (front to back) of cushion(s) at widest point.

**Would you like a dacron wrap laminated to your new cushion(s)?

**Any other information about the nature of your cushion(s) that we should know about?

*** Pictures are very helpful for us to understand the nature and shape of your cushions. We encourage you to send us pictures with your price quote request if you are able to.

(note): The cushion cover "boxing" refers to the fabric panel at the side of your cushion.

(note): The "overall" thickness of your cushion(s) may be determined by placing the cushion on a tabletop with a ruler next to the cushion to "eyeball" the total thickness of the cushion.

Foam generally comes to us in a sheet size which is 24" wide X 72" long. If you will need a cushion of larger dimensions than this, it will be necessary for us to laminate additional foam to the length or width to accomplish your size requirements. The foam adhesives we use are formulated to provide a permanent bond so a lamination in your cushion should not be a cause for concern.

For a price Quote for "Foam by the Sheet" or other upholstery supplies

Most of our clients prefer to have us custom make their new foam cushions to fit their cushion covers and we are delighted to provide this all inclusive service. Some of our clients are the "Do-it-Yourself" types and would prefer to buy the best foam materials available at the lowest cost and make their cushions themselves. We are happy to help these clients as well by suggesting a foam type and shipping "sheet stock" foam, foam glue, dacron wrap, etc. A sheet of foam material is 72" x 24" and may be cut to whatever thickness you require. Our foam materials are stocked in thicknesses of 1" increments (ie:) 1",2",3",etc. but we can also special order foam materials in 1/2" thicknesses for you.

You may review the list of foam types that we stock on our "About Foam" page and select a foam type that best suits your needs. Remember, we are here to help you! If you are unsure of what type of foam to use, we would love to help you select the best foam type for your application. You may use the guide above in the "Custom-Made" Cushion section to provide us with some information about what the use of the foam will be, foam thickness, and firmness preference to send us an E-Mail. With this information we will help you select a foam material to suit your needs and budget.

While we would love to provide foam prices on our webpage, foam is a chemical based product and prices fluctuate frequently. We will provide a price quote for your foam needs at your request by telephone or E-Mail. Price quotes are based upon the current price structure of our foam materials so we must reserve the right to adjust our price quotes after 30 days. In all cases, the price we quote to you will be valid for 30 days regardless of any change in our foam costs.

Our foam saws will produce the best cut in any foam material but you can do a pretty fair job of cutting your foam cushions from a full sheet of foam using an electric knife, saw blade or similar cutting tool. We recommend that you mark the cut line on both sides of the foam (top and bottom) and position the cut line on a table edge so you can use the table edge as a lower cutting guide. Guys, its probably not a good idea to use your formal dining table for this!! With the cutting blade at a 90 degree angle to the foam you may begin slowly cutting your cushions. Go slow with this process and you should do a pretty fair job with your cuts.

If your cushions are wider than the 24" width of a sheet of foam you will need to laminate additional foam material to the side of a sheet of foam to produce your cushions. The same would be true if your cushions are longer than a standard 72" sheet of foam. We use the best foam glue available to laminate our foam which produces a permanent laminate. We also use this glue to laminate dacron wrap to our custom-made cushions. This foam glue is available in a 12 oz. aerosol can from Upholstery by Caroline and we would be happy to include a can with your foam order if needed.

WE Appreciate your visit to our website as well as your inquiries about foam cushion materials and fabrics. We check our E-Mail's on a daily basis and strive to be responsive to your requests. Generally, all E-Mails received Monday- Friday will be responded to on the day they are received. Weekend E-Mails will be responded to on the following Monday.

For your convenience, we have installed an E-Mail link at the top of this page.

*** Requesting a Price Quote ***

To obtain a price quote for your foam cushion replacement needs please click on this link which will bring you to the page of our website that describes the various items of information we will need to produce a price quote for you. You may E-mail your price quote request to us with our assurance that we will respond to your request in a timely manner (within 24 hrs).


Your Price quote is valid for 30 days and will be filed by your name or E-Mail address and the date of your quote. Once you receive your quote you may contact us by E-Mail or telephone if you have any further questions or concerns or you may follow the payment proceedures below to place your order.

*** Placing Your Foam Cushion Order ***

We use the secure Paypal credit card processing services exclusively to accept credit and debit card payments from our clients and no longer accept credit card payments by telephone.

You may use the PayPal link below or click on any of the PayPal icons on our website to submit your payment from your existing PayPal account or to charge your purchase to your Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card or Amex Card.

A PayPal account is not required to charge your purchase to your credit card and you can rest assured that your credit card information is secured using PayPal’s secure payment processing services.


>>> To charge your purchase to your credit card or your PayPal account Click on the secure link below. Just enter "(Your Name)Quote” in the description box as a reference to your order. In the “Item Price” box you may enter the amount of your price quote indicated above, then click “Update”.

>>> Choose either “Pay with my Paypal Account” or “Pay with a Debit or Credit Card” and enter your credit card information to place your order.

We will send you a courtesy E-Mail shortly thereafter to let you know we have received your payment and let you know when your order is expected to ship. When your order has shipped we will send you another E-Mail to provide you with your UPS tracking number.