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Caroline and Joe Lusian

Thank You for visiting our website today! We own and operate a furniture reupholstery and restoration business in Hastings, MN. Our experience in the furniture reupholstery trades has taught us a great deal about foam characteristics and the proper use of the many types and varieties of foam materials that are available. We wish to share our knowledge about foam with all of our website visitors by helping them understand things like DENSITY RATINGS, ILD (firmness) Ratings and how to select the best replacement foam cushions for their needs.

If you are visiting us in search of better foam cushions we would encourage you to click on the "ABOUT FOAM CUSHIONS" button at the top of this page first. The information presented on this page of our website will help you understand the characteristics of foam materials and improve the likelyhood of satisfaction with your new foam cushions. We make custom foam cushions for our clients using only the best foam materials that are available within the "High Density" family of foam materials. While these foam materials are more costly, we know that our clients appreciate the improved comfort and long lasting durability of our foam products. The "CLIENT FEEDBACK" page of our website contains a growing list of testimonials from our past clients that indicate their satisfaction with our foam products and personalized service. We look forward to hearing from you too after you have experienced the comfort of our foam cushions!

Our website was designed and introduced to the internet in November of 2001 as an informational consumer website. We soon began receiving E-Mails and telephone calls from our visitors that wished to purchase better foam cushions and upholstery fabrics. To date, we have served clients in every state in the USA, the Marshal Islands, and the Congo (Military Clients). We are very pleased to have had the opportunity to help so many people accross the USA and are grateful to our past clients for the trust they have placed in us and their kindness in referring their friends and family to us. We will continue to provide only the very best foam materials , fabrics and fast service to our on-line friends and look forward to helping more people with their furniture fabrics and foam cushion needs.

If you are searching for upholstery fabrics, the "ON-LINE FABRIC SHOPPING" button will bring you to a page of our website that contains links to some of our fabric suppliers that allow you to view fabric patterns on-line. We look forward to helping you locate the fabric pattern that is just right for your home or office decor and we offer generous discounts to show our appreciation for your business.

While the internet is a wonderful tool for research and shopping, it does have its drawbacks. Their are many internet shopping sites that are automated to provide you with an instant price quote but offer little customer service options or the ability to discuss your specific and unique needs. As you navigate through our website you will notice that many of the bells and whistles found on other websites are missing. There are no animated charactors bouncing around to distract you, no shopping carts and no automatic price quote features. You will find much useful information about foam cushion materials, fabrics, and furniture reupholstery that we hope will provide you with a well balanced knowledge of our products and services. After reading the information on our website that pertains to your needs we encourage you to send us an E-Mail or call us so we may discuss your needs and help you select the best foam products or fabrics that meet your unique needs. Our incoming E-Mails are answered in a prompt and timely manner throughout the day and our telephone calls are answered by a live person that is delighted to help you. Our past clients tell us that they appreciate our personalized service and the time we take to answer their questions and we believe they are happier with their purchases because of our efforts and the quality of our products.

*** Requesting a Price Quote ***

To obtain a price quote for your foam cushion replacement needs please click on this link which will bring you to the page of our website that describes the various items of information we will need to produce a price quote for you. You may E-mail your price quote request to us with our assurance that we will respond to your request in a timely manner (within 24 hrs).


Your Price quote is valid for 30 days and will be filed by your name or E-Mail address and the date of your quote. Once you receive your quote you may contact us by E-Mail or telephone if you have any further questions or concerns or you may follow the payment proceedures below to place your order.

*** Placing Your Foam Cushion Order ***

We use the secure Paypal credit card processing services exclusively to accept credit and debit card payments from our clients and no longer accept credit card payments by telephone.

You may use the PayPal link below or click on any of the PayPal icons on our website to submit your payment from your existing PayPal account or to charge your purchase to your Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card or Amex Card.

A PayPal account is not required to charge your purchase to your credit card and you can rest assured that your credit card information is secured using PayPal’s secure payment processing services.


>>> To charge your purchase to your credit card or your PayPal account Click on the secure link below. Just enter "(Your Name) Quote” in the description box as a reference to your order. In the “Item Price” box you may enter the amount of your price quote indicated above, then click “Update”.

>>> Choose either “Pay with my Paypal Account” or “Pay with a Debit or Credit Card” and enter your credit card information to place your order.

We will send you a courtesy E-Mail shortly thereafter to let you know we have received your payment and let you know when your order is expected to ship. When your order has shipped we will send you another E-Mail to provide you with your UPS tracking number.